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  1. R.J.C. commented on Working Daze 13 days ago

    Someone should tell Roy that parenthood involves a lot of new responsibilities. Once the first child arrives everything changes.

  2. R.J.C. commented on Endtown 2 months ago

    Love the art, this is awesomely detailed!

  3. R.J.C. commented on Yenny Lopez 2 months ago

    I wonder if Dave will pay tribute to Monica Puig (Puerto Rico’s first Olympic gold medallist). That would be nice.

  4. R.J.C. commented on Working Daze 3 months ago

    Yo opino lo mismo, además Carolina es muy sexy

  5. R.J.C. commented on Luann en Español 3 months ago

    Estoy de acuerdo con lo que dices acerca de Brad. El hizo bien en no mostrar su frustración frente a Shannon. Por otro lado Brad tiene que comprender que Jonah será su futuro cuñado por lo tanto Brad tendrá que aprender a tolerarlo le guste o nó.

  6. R.J.C. commented on Luann 3 months ago

    Maybe Tiffany would do a similar makeover that she did to Bernice but more a la magician’s assistant style, or even a princess style.

  7. R.J.C. commented on Endtown 3 months ago

    What the……..

  8. R.J.C. commented on Luann 4 months ago

    Bernice is behind Gunther, I wonder if she’ll take the opportunity to apologize to him.

  9. R.J.C. commented on Working Daze 4 months ago

    “Angry Subordinates”?

  10. R.J.C. commented on Luann 4 months ago

    “The worst blind person is the one who refuses to see around” (as an old Spanish proverb says).