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  1. phperry commented on Pop Culture Shock Therapy 4 months ago

    That’s why they call it “Disneyline”

  2. phperry commented on Working Daze 5 months ago

    Arizona found them totally beatable

  3. phperry commented on Steve Benson 10 months ago

    Yes these are the people who voted for the Republicans

  4. phperry commented on Mike du Jour 11 months ago

    the funny thing is that most native americans love the redskins ad the name

  5. phperry commented on Doonesbury over 1 year ago

    So Angela Little is an angry old white guy?

  6. phperry commented on Steve Benson about 2 years ago

    According to our Attorney General, Mr. Holder, if threatened you should retreat, if Travon would have retreated. (I am certain he could outrun Mr. Zimmerman) at the end of the night he would have been still breathing, perhaps heavily, but breathing).

  7. phperry commented on Last Kiss about 2 years ago


    He: Where is that necklace clasp?
    She: Where is that earing snap?

  8. phperry commented on Last Kiss about 2 years ago


    (They are kissing)

  9. phperry commented on Oyster War about 2 years ago

    Don’t Mess withthe cook (pop culture reference to a movie?)

  10. phperry commented on Doonesbury about 2 years ago

    Blocking an agenda you disagree with is governing, as is investigatring abuse of power