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  1. tamron commented on Pickles over 4 years ago

    I disagree with you Heather. I think that knowing that he has seen that movie and pays it homage here, makes it even funnier. :)
    Real Genius is a great movie. It’s good to see people remember it.

  2. tamron commented on Domestic Abuse over 4 years ago

    So, will they be left behind?

  3. tamron commented on Domestic Abuse over 4 years ago

    Must … resist … tea bag … comment …

  4. tamron commented on Eek! over 4 years ago

    Honesty is its own reward.

  5. tamron commented on Chuckle Bros over 4 years ago

    There is only one optometrist?

  6. tamron commented on Domestic Abuse almost 5 years ago

    Is that bad?

  7. tamron commented on Strange Brew about 5 years ago

    In this world of political correctness, its what we are left with.

  8. tamron commented on Pickles about 5 years ago

    Good points lightenup and serenaskitty. I can see it now… Armed with that info, I will now march to my doom, and ignore my wife’s honey-do list. Then again, maybe I’ll just do it and live. ;)

  9. tamron commented on The Argyle Sweater about 5 years ago

    Conserving fuel is good, if you don’t you pay more. Using the pipelines we already have in place is good, not bad. Pointing fingers at “the other side” makes everything all better. :p

    And JP, you are right on. :)

  10. tamron commented on Domestic Abuse about 5 years ago

    Hey is that the deodorant to stick under your arms or the ball kind?