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  1. kaecispop commented on Emmy Lou 4 days ago

    It figures that these girls with a sport that starts out with love/love

  2. kaecispop commented on Bob the Squirrel 4 days ago

    It looks like it has a luggage rack. The back was just open to retrieve the shovel.

  3. kaecispop commented on The Elderberries 5 days ago

    In the original problem I read years ago, it was green and red, because those colors appear the same in the dark. White and black are too easy recognize in low lighting.

  4. kaecispop commented on The Dinette Set 5 days ago

    I just wonder how drinkable the swill they serve is after seeing the sign instructing the employees to turn the coffee pot off after six hours. Heat is coffee’s worst enemy. After brewing, any heat causes the brew to become bitter.

  5. kaecispop commented on Cleats 5 days ago

    He needs to bulk up to withstand the impact of the defender who “accidentally” runs into him after he kicks the ball. (Of course there will be a “roughing the kicker penalty”, but the kicker can be injured if he is not in shape.) Also the extra muscle should help him kick further.

  6. kaecispop commented on Clear Blue Water 5 days ago

    According to one source, a liberal is a republican that hasn’t been mugged …yet. It is amazing, that one can be liberal in their youth, but, as one ages and gets experience, becomes more and more conservative.

  7. kaecispop commented on Bob the Squirrel 5 days ago

    Interesting. Frank and Leslie are just now sending out, the wedding invitations and Lauren is thinking of him as “Daddy”. This gives me mixed feelings.
    First, I mourn over the fact that they are living together without being married is accepted as normal. Second, I find it touching that the relationship between Frank and his girlfriend’s daughter is such that he has become a father figure to her.
    Of course, the later is only good if Frank and Leslie continue to go forward in getting married and they don’t break up, leaving Lauren feeling abandoned by yet another “daddy”. Such event could scar the poor girl for life, leaving her feeling that no relationship is permanent.

  8. kaecispop commented on Bliss 5 days ago

    At least the teacher has increased her vocabulary.

  9. kaecispop commented on The Big Picture 5 days ago

    Both young dogs and young cats want to play. However, they do not play the same, and leads to problems.

  10. kaecispop commented on Ben 5 days ago

    Both the radio episode and the movie were "based on the 1952 story “The Birds” by Daphne du Maurier." (Source of quote is WIkipedia; however, I heard the radio program on Radio Classics, were Greg Bell gave the background information.)