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  1. kaecispop commented on Beardo 5 days ago

    They are referring to an actual product on the market. It does really work. Just the name is slightly crude. The first name of the product is Boudreaux’s.

  2. kaecispop commented on Banana Triangle 6 days ago

    And then the gangrene begins.

  3. kaecispop commented on Adult Children 6 days ago

    The last line was probably too close to Berle’s reality.

  4. kaecispop commented on Bushy Tales 7 days ago

    He will need Lil’ Abner to leave his job first.

  5. kaecispop commented on Broom Hilda 7 days ago

    The only problem I have with cats is that they get more affectionate as they get older. I have an elderly tabby that wants to spent hours in my lap or between me and the computer monitor.

  6. kaecispop commented on Breaking Cat News 7 days ago

    I just wonder what is the cat equivalent of a Mai- tai?

  7. kaecispop commented on Bob the Squirrel 7 days ago

    “That was no lady,that was…”

  8. kaecispop commented on Bob the Squirrel 9 days ago

    From yesterday’s strip, I think he was trying to jump on Frank’s head or shoulder.

  9. kaecispop commented on Birdbrains 9 days ago

    In this case, they should adopt the Pierson’s Puppeteer’s motto, “Discretion is the only part of valor.”

  10. kaecispop commented on Big Nate 10 days ago

    The Mars Theme would be very good. Intimidating and commanding, Nate’s team would have to pick up their game to fit the music.