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  1. tsandl commented on Grand Avenue 3 days ago

    And gym is short for gymnasium, from an ancient Greek word meaning to train in the nude. Count your blessings, Michael, it could be a lot worse.

  2. tsandl commented on Working Daze 3 days ago

    Yes, but Matt Damon was in it. And stranded on a dead planet.

  3. tsandl commented on Peanuts 4 days ago

    Wormwood, huh? Well, they say absinthe makes the heart grow fonder.

  4. tsandl commented on Over the Hedge 4 days ago

    Soup bowl?

  5. tsandl commented on Poptropica 7 days ago

    I don’t know, they seem to have hit their target every time.

  6. tsandl commented on Bloom County 2015 8 days ago

    For those who learned to type on a typewriter, putting two spaces after a period is a hard habit to break.

  7. tsandl commented on Bloom County 2015 8 days ago

    It says more about how HTML handles whitespace.

  8. tsandl commented on Strange Brew 8 days ago

    They seem cold, almost inhuman somehow.

  9. tsandl commented on Back to B.C. 8 days ago

    I’m not sure; however, I have noticed that the color strips printed so far all appear in my copy of the book “Hey BC”, wheras the black & white ones do not.

  10. tsandl commented on Thatababy 9 days ago

    You probably didn’t use them in high school algebra either.