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  1. tsandl commented on JumpStart 3 days ago

    Sharing the profits with Ray would definitely be the charitable thing to do, but I can’t say they have any moral obligation to do so. It’s not as if they had appraised everything and then lied about its actual worth. Ray had every reason to believe his father’s collection was valuable, but he let his resentment cloud his judgment. Let’s hope he learns a lesson.

  2. tsandl commented on Thatababy 3 days ago


  3. tsandl commented on Peanuts Begins 12 days ago

    Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross…

  4. tsandl commented on U.S. Acres 13 days ago

    Or he’ll hug you again.

  5. tsandl commented on Garfield 16 days ago

    I tried to, Garfield, but the ATF confiscated all my explosives.

  6. tsandl commented on Andertoons 16 days ago

    I did, Doc. It took 4 hours for them to stitch it back on.

  7. tsandl commented on Red and Rover 23 days ago

    Personally, I’d rather he dug the hole after I hit the ball.

  8. tsandl commented on FoxTrot 23 days ago

    I signed up for a two week trial of WoW back in ’07, sometime between the release of their first and second expansion. Picking up popcorn would have been more fun.

  9. tsandl commented on Off the Mark 24 days ago

    Well, technically speaking, the giraffe pictured on the front IS kosher, though you might have trouble finding a shochet who can handle it.