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  1. LameRandomName commented on Doonesbury about 15 hours ago

    A fair price?

    Your value as a Human Being may be infinite, but the value of your LABOR is equivalent to the cost of replacing you.

    Don’t like it?

    Make your labor more valuable.

  2. LameRandomName commented on Doonesbury about 15 hours ago

    Oh, this happened LONG after that.

    Your criticism is rejected as invalid.

  3. LameRandomName commented on Doonesbury about 15 hours ago

    WHAT companies?

    They’re gone!

    That’s not a “Living Wage” (a Marxist construct), that’s NO wage.

  4. LameRandomName commented on Doonesbury 1 day ago

    Former garment worker?

    That’s interesting, because NYC has or rather HAD a Garment District.

    Then over-regulation began squeezing from one side while greedy unions that were more interested in money and power than the workers began to squeeze from the other.

    Eventually, they drove the COST labor beyond it’s value and the employers were driven out of big cities in the north, going first to the south and eventually overseas.

    And nobody has learned their lesson…

  5. LameRandomName commented on Non Sequitur 3 days ago

    No it isn’t.

    Insider Trading is a very specific thing.

    Getting out of the market because you see a disaster looming is NOT Insider Trading.

  6. LameRandomName commented on Doonesbury 3 days ago

    Our system is just fine.

    Stop trying to centralize and control everything.

    Or haven’t you noticed what happened since the Dept of Education was created back in the 70’s?

  7. LameRandomName commented on Non Sequitur 4 days ago

    Gee, it looks like Wiley doesn’t believe in evolution, or that we EVOLVED as opportunistic omnivores.

    And it’s not science if everyone is signing off on their buddy’s B.S. and calling it “peer review”.

  8. LameRandomName commented on Doonesbury 4 days ago

    It’s in the script.

  9. LameRandomName commented on Doonesbury 10 days ago

    I think Gary is past the Irony Event Horizon here….

  10. LameRandomName commented on Non Sequitur 11 days ago

    There’s no debate. Your models are broken, your prediction failed and your theory is junk..