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  1. dtroutma GoComics Pro Member commented on Speed Bump about 9 hours ago

    Her last words were: “Don’t shoot”!

  2. dtroutma GoComics Pro Member commented on Lisa Benson about 15 hours ago

    opednance: “W” wore many Freudian slips.

  3. dtroutma GoComics Pro Member commented on Darrin Bell about 15 hours ago

    ^Night Gaunt49: you reminded me of the absolute WORST piece of propaganda garbage ever put to celluloid: “The Green Berets” with John Wayne. They treated us to an exclusive preview at Ft. Benning and we who’d been in ‘Nam laughed almost hysterically through that whole piece of garbage. The most hilarious was when at the end of the movie they’re supposed to be on the beach at Da Nang and the sun is setting into the sea, which of course, would be IN THE EAST!!

    Wayne of course made many war movies, and being a draft dodger himself, as opposed ot some actors I knew who DID serve in combat in WW II, that chickenhawk aspect always bothered me. At least Ron Reagan at least narraged training films for “special services” branch of the Army, NOT of course “Special Forces”.

    Yes, I must admit to one group I do actually hate, chickenhawks.

  4. dtroutma GoComics Pro Member commented on Michael Ramirez about 16 hours ago

    It was tort and the theater owners afraid of tort who surrendered, as the guy from Sony said, why release it if they won’t show it. A Japanese company got hacked, not our government, despite the hundreds of attempts, DAILY, against the Pentagon, it’s a constant quick-step to stay ahead of hackers.

    Hmm, it WAS Al Gore who wrote the legislation to open the internet up to the public, instead of just the military, so it’s obviously all Al’s fault!

  5. dtroutma GoComics Pro Member commented on Henry Payne about 16 hours ago

    Now I like that one! Every bit as big a threat as Kim.

  6. dtroutma GoComics Pro Member commented on Mike Luckovich about 16 hours ago

    Rubio is just another who needs his tailor to put the straps back on his jacket.

  7. dtroutma GoComics Pro Member commented on Jerry Holbert about 16 hours ago

    It has EVERYTHING to do with the idiocy of this ’toon. Fidel never funded an attack on the World Trade Center, or other Middle East terror groups like Saudi money has. Picking on an enemy with no power is as cowardly as cowtowing to those who can, and have, “punished” you at the pump!

  8. dtroutma GoComics Pro Member commented on Clay Bennett about 16 hours ago

    NIce take, but with Ebola and all the other “threats”, too many of the American populace are in the same boat, and that includes chickenhawks in Congress.

  9. dtroutma GoComics Pro Member commented on Darrin Bell about 16 hours ago

    Thinking on South Korea and the U.S. holding naval training excercises around islands that are part of South Korea, a weird boundary that puts them WAY north of the DMZ, just to antagonize the North. Kim lodged the same threats against that as this movie.

    Seoul is within standard artillery range of the North. Tit for tat antagonism is even older than with Castro.

    As all you have to do is pay for it, Kim could well end up with a star on the “walk of fame”, next to that camera hog, Boehner’s?

  10. dtroutma GoComics Pro Member commented on Lalo Alcaraz about 16 hours ago

    The theaters are the ones that panicked, afraid of tort if anyone stubbed a toe in one of their theaters during a screening. MCA, Music Corporation of America was also a Japanese company owning Universal Studios.

    A Seth Rogan movie is like a live action “South Park”, not intended to be an intellectual challenge in the first place.

    Let’s not get into cereal wars, or Cap’n Crunch will lead an attack on Iowa!