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  1. dwill commented on Ken Catalino about 7 years ago

    Harley try going back to grade school, and get a smidgen of education before you continue to post on here.

  2. dwill commented on Chip Bok about 7 years ago

    guess the wingnuts would have been happy if they had established a “Nobel warmongers prize” Think we can guess the winner.

  3. dwill commented on Jim Morin about 7 years ago

    What a piece of garbage!

  4. dwill commented on Jeff Danziger about 7 years ago

    reasonsventriloquist: my viris scan has reported this an unsafe websight……..last visit here, looking for editorial cartoons elsewhere.

  5. dwill commented on Jeff Danziger about 7 years ago

    Such disrespect during a chief executive’s speech before a joint session of congress calls for censure. The G.O.P. has sunk to a new all time low.

  6. dwill commented on Stuart Carlson about 7 years ago

    and this from a Strom Thurmond protegee…suprised he didnt attend the speech in his hood and bedsheet.

  7. dwill commented on Jack Ohman over 7 years ago

    “undisclosed location”?

  8. dwill commented on Ted Rall over 7 years ago

    dont sell ted short, however caustic he is, he does make you think.

  9. dwill commented on Steve Kelley over 7 years ago

    Seen lots of moronic statements on here in the past, but oldlegodad is pushing the top 10

  10. dwill commented on Bob Gorrell over 7 years ago

    you noticed too, CF…..guess Gorrell draws blacks to all look like Obama.