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  1. james77777 commented on Close to Home over 3 years ago

    I took my Korean mother-in-law fishing and she ate my bait.

  2. james77777 commented on Close to Home over 3 years ago

    I don’t know why. Maybe because this is so far off the wall and unexpected. Really FUNNY.

  3. james77777 commented on Health Capsules about 4 years ago

    In 1900, the number one cause of death was diarrhea and life expectancy was not 50. If I remember correctly, the #3 cause was heart attacks in 1900 when the diet was more organic, the air was cleaner and one had to walk to the out house. The logic is flawed.

  4. james77777 commented on Basic Instructions about 4 years ago

    The term “health” for food is not correct. The food is “healthful.” Excuse me, I have to have a lunch of hot dogs wrapped in bacon and then I will take a nap.

  5. james77777 commented on Close to Home over 4 years ago

    I worked at a school that had “Channel One.” It was news for kids and had all kinds of commercials geared for student audience. This has been going on for MORE than a decade.

  6. james77777 commented on B.C. over 5 years ago

    Next, lick a toad.

  7. james77777 commented on Back in the Day over 5 years ago

    Teenagers were in the box.

  8. james77777 commented on Close to Home over 7 years ago

    Every notice that people talk more to one another electronically than in person? Talk to a stranger on an elevator and look comes across their face like I’ve invaded their territory or I am a mugger. I guess it is just safer to talk to people you know. That is another reason our kids our fat. Parents want to keep an eye on their children and keep them from going outside to play. How sad. Were there not goofy people when I was a kid? I can’t say I ever ran into anyone that wanted to hurt me unless it was a “big kid.”

  9. james77777 commented on Stuart Carlson over 7 years ago

    We need guns so the government fears us. Believe me, I’m really scared of what the government is doing now. How do they miss 16-30 milllion undocumented? How could they let the economic situation get so out of control? Why is it that the school children do not learn except to watch the clock? If health care is run twice as well as the schools, do we want it? Why is it that Obama wants charter schools for competition but wants nationalized health care so there is no competition? They make it. They change it and everything remains the same or gets worse. I read that they expect 16 million guns to be sold this year, which is double or more of a few years ago. When they take our guns, only the crooks and the government will have guns. I don’t blame Oprah for being fat, I blame her fork. I say now law maker can make a law that does not also cover the law maker.