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  1. patlaborvi commented on Doonesbury 1 day ago

    Does anyone remember the movie “Romancing the Stone” with Michael Douglas. At one point he’s offered like $300 in travelers checks to guide the heroine back to town and he asks if there American Express. The big joke is that Michael Douglas co-stared with Carl Malden in Streets of Sanfrancisco. The first time I heard that line I laughed so hard that everyone in the theater was stairing at me because they didn’t get the inside joke.

  2. patlaborvi commented on PreTeena 7 days ago

    I notice she isn’t even looking at the catalog, just disagreeing with everything her mother says.

  3. patlaborvi commented on Herb and Jamaal 7 days ago

    Whenever I read something about how something is good or bad for me I take it with a large grain of salt because I know someone will come by a week later and say the opposite.

  4. patlaborvi commented on Herb and Jamaal 8 days ago

    They did a live action Archie TV movie a few years back that was set during the 15 year reunion of the High School and it was revealed that Big Ethel (the ugly girl that was always chasing Jughead) had grown into a real beauty, one of the biggest names in modeling.

  5. patlaborvi commented on For Better or For Worse 8 days ago

    I’m actually feeling a little jealous of some friends of mine. I don’t remember my father ever reading to me when I was a kid and I barely remember my mother reading to me, it wasn’t until I started reading on my own that I learned to enjoy books. For Christmas I bought my friends 2 children some books that I think they’ll enjoy, the youngest one is getting the first 4 books of the Encyclopedia Brown books and a few weeks ago I gave him one of the later books that I had lying around. As soon as I gave him the book her turned to his dad and said, “can we read it together?” A nearly lost art, may it make a comeback.

  6. patlaborvi commented on Herb and Jamaal 10 days ago

    The problem with garden gloves is that they’re not insulated so they’re only good for cool weather, not COLD weather.

  7. patlaborvi commented on Frazz 10 days ago

    Ok, I just took a closer look at the comic and while Frazz’s snowball fell apart when he tried to throw it Caulfield misted his ball and it stayed solid long enough to hit Frazz in the face.

  8. patlaborvi commented on Frazz 10 days ago

    Actually Frazz hit himself by trying to make a snowball from powdery snow and it fell apart and got blown back in his face when he tried to throw it.

  9. patlaborvi commented on Pickles 12 days ago

    I just a tablet and needed to connect to my home Wifi, but after three years I couldn’t remember my uername or password. It took 2 calls to the cable company but it was definately worth it once I got online.

  10. patlaborvi commented on Dilbert Classics 13 days ago

    I remember an episode of the old British comedy show “Are you being served?” where Mrs. Slocum wanted to get fired so she could take a better paying job so she insulted an important customer, and then it turned out that the costumer was a member of an obscure relisious sect that believed in total honesty and since Mrs. Slocum was the first sales lady who’d been totally honest with her so she ended up getting a hefty raise because the customers husband was on the board.