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  1. patlaborvi commented on Overboard about 20 hours ago

    I use to have a record called Don Loenie speaks to teenagers. He was a Christian comedian who gave lectures in schools around the country back when Christian lecturers were allowed and even encouraged to speak to students. One time he arrived early for the lecture and since it was a nice day he decided to stay out and enjoy the day before going into the stuffy school. While he was there he heard 4 boys talking about skipping the rest of school, 3 boys talked the 4th into playing hooky with them and just as they started to take off Don yelled out, “I’m gonna squeel on you.” He told them that he was the guest lecturer for the afternoon and he promised not to tell anyone their plans if he saw them at the lecture, all 4 of them were sitting in the front row when he got up to speak.

  2. patlaborvi commented on Dick Tracy 1 day ago

    I haven’t watched the comments very closely since this story line started, but a couple days ago I started thinking about something and I wondered if anyone else had thought of it. A few months back (about the same time I started reading Dick Tracy) Honeymoon’s powers were just starting to develop and she was having trouble with 2 of her classmates bullying her, they even confronted her and Little Orphen Annie at the mall and one of the girls tried to grab Honeymoon’s antenna and got zapped in the process. When a security guard arrived to deal with the altercation the other girl tried to blame Honeymoon, saying that she attacked the other girl, only to have the guard point out that she’d been observing the encounter on the security monitors and had the whole incident recorded. I’ve been wondering if one of the girls told her “Aunt” Bellowtone about the encounter and she’s been using a one-sided embellished account of the situation to push her bill into congress.

  3. patlaborvi commented on B.C. 1 day ago

    A friend of mine was in a car accident several years ago (before I knew him) he was badly injured and really out of it when the ambulance arrived so he couldn’t answer any questions as they treated him. The next thing he knew he woke up in a hospital bed with a very concerned doctor looking down at him, “Did you know you were alergic to (I forget the painkiller)?” “No, no I didn’t.” “Well you are so next time make sure they give you actual morphine instead of man made morphine, you almost died from the alergic reaction.” Ever since I heard that story I always answer “None that I’m aware of,” when someone asks if I have any drug alergies.

  4. patlaborvi commented on For Better or For Worse 3 days ago

    my pastors wife once told me about the first time she made mac & cheese. She was raised by her grandma and never did anything in the kitchen. When she was in college she went to visit her boyfriend (future husband) he and his roommate had just put the water on to boil but they got called away so they asked her to take care of the dinner for them, after they left she read the directions and figured it would be pretty easy, and once the water started boiling she dropped the box in the water to cook. She’s a much better cook now.

  5. patlaborvi commented on Andy Capp 4 days ago

    that must be some astigmatism Flo has.

  6. patlaborvi commented on Andy Capp 5 days ago

    I use to work 3rd shift (11pm to 7am) and I’d sleep during the day. I left my phone on in case there was a family emergency but once a month I’d get a call from one of the “local” papers trying to sign me up for home delivery. Every time they called they woke me up and I’d tell them that I worked 3rd shift, that they woke me up, and that I wasn’t interested in getting their paper home delivered because I already got the other paper delivered so take me off your call list. Every month they said ok, and every month they called me again, until the month I blew my top and the operator turned me over to her supervisor. That was the month they finally put me on their do not call list.

  7. patlaborvi commented on Get Fuzzy 6 days ago

    If Bucky had a single brain cell in his skull he would be concerned with the mercury level in tuna since a high level would kill him when he ate his favorite meal.

  8. patlaborvi commented on Wizard of Id 7 days ago


  9. patlaborvi commented on Stone Soup Classics 7 days ago

    Ten bucks says it never leaves her closet because she doesn’t have anything to wear with it.

  10. patlaborvi commented on Speed Bump 8 days ago

    He reminds me of Death from the Disc World series by Terry Pratchett. In the books Death is always trying to mimic the things that humans do, but he can’t understand why they do them.