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  1. patlaborvi commented on Pickles about 3 hours ago

    I wasn’t so lucky, back in March I went to take a step on my way to the bathroom and while the rest of my body moved forward into the step my right leg said, “What?” I fell mouth first on the edge of the counter (fortunately I didn’t have my teeth in at the time or things could have been much worse there) and slammed my left knee into the floor. I needed help getting up from the fall but everything seemed to be alright until the next morning when my leg gave out every time I tried to get up from my bed. When I got to the hospital they thought it was just a bad bruise or sprain because nothing showed up on the x-ray or cat scan but the doctor insisted that I get an MRI and that showed a hairline fracture. First (and hopefully only) time I had a broken bone.

  2. patlaborvi commented on Stone Soup Classics 1 day ago

    The way that he’s trying to weasel his way back into the family makes me wonder what he’s trying to get away from now. It must be something much worse than abandoning his family, maybe something that will land him in jail for several years when they catch him.

  3. patlaborvi commented on Pickles 3 days ago

    Does anyone else remember “Invisible Kid” from Mystery Men? He thought he’d developed the power to become invisible because everyone always ignored him when he walked into a room.

  4. patlaborvi commented on Not Invented Here 4 days ago

    If he’s a real engineer he’ll have a copy of his work on a portable medium like a flash drive.

  5. patlaborvi commented on The Norm Classics 4 days ago

    You mean A. S. Anthony (Tony) Stark AKA Ironman

  6. patlaborvi commented on Wizard of Id Classics 6 days ago

    Bait and switch?

  7. patlaborvi commented on Pooch Cafe 9 days ago

    It’s a federal offense to open someone else’s mail, I think that would apply to packages too.

  8. patlaborvi commented on Dog Eat Doug 12 days ago

    My parents use to have a home movie of my 1st birthday when I was covered head to foot with chocolate cake.

  9. patlaborvi commented on The Born Loser 18 days ago

    I was thinking he might want to comb his mustache or fringe, but he may want to be a dilligent father and comb Wilberforce’s hair (my parents were always doing that if they didn’t like the way my hair looked).

  10. patlaborvi commented on PreTeena 20 days ago

    When I was a kid we had an old fridge in the basement, the same room we had our trash picked pool table. Our mother stocked it with soda and the idea was that we’d buy the soda we drank, putting a quarter in the empty meat drawer and then mom would use the money to restock the fridge when it was empty. The plan only lasted a couple months because someone (my younger sister confessed to the crime later) didn’t pay for the sodas they drank, and even took the money the rest of us paid for our drinks.