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  1. patlaborvi commented on Arlo and Janis about 16 hours ago

    No matter how hot if is, sometimes you have to cook if you’re going to eat.

  2. patlaborvi commented on Candorville 7 days ago

    I know someone who was so concerned about his medical coverage that he waited until Jan 1 to go into the hospital. By that time they were able to save one leg but he lost the other one. If he’d gone in right away they could have saved both.

  3. patlaborvi commented on Baldo 10 days ago

    I bet Baldo would love the anima Initial D, it’s about a group of high school friends who are downhill racing enthuesiests who just got their dl’s.

  4. patlaborvi commented on Arlo and Janis 13 days ago

    My mom turned grey early and didn’t start coloring her hair until my youngest sister was in fourth grade and all her classmates tgought our mom was her grandmother.

  5. patlaborvi commented on Rabbits Against Magic about 1 month ago

    I remember one time while I was working at a local department store the store was selling an old glassed in jewelry display. Someone actually bought it and wanted help to put it in his vehicle, but when we got out to the parking lot the guy didn’t have a truck or van, he just had a car. He wanted to put the display in the back seat so it would stick out the side door and he actually planned to drive home that way. My manager had to point out to him that doing it that way wouldn’t just be unsafe, it was probably illegal and told him to come back with a truck or van and then we’d let him take the display home.

  6. patlaborvi commented on Andy Capp about 1 month ago

    Must be a new employee at the loan company, I’m sure all the older tellers know all about Andy and their no loan polocy as far as he’s concerned.

  7. patlaborvi commented on Garfield Minus Garfield about 1 month ago

    Recent historians think VanGogh lost his ear in a bar fight, but claimed he did it to himself because he thought it sounded more romantic.

  8. patlaborvi commented on Cleats about 1 month ago

    to paraphrase Pink Floyd: “Hey, Grampa, leave those kids alone.”

  9. patlaborvi commented on One Big Happy about 1 month ago

    Todays comic at Creators.com shows what happens when someone lets even a little power goes to their head.

  10. patlaborvi commented on Speed Bump about 1 month ago

    A friend of mine once told me about his aunt who had a club foot, whenever she bought shoes she had to buy 2 pairs, one to fit her regular foot, and one to fit her club foot. Fortunately she had a club footed friend who wore the same sizes as her but reversed feet so they’d switch shoes whenever they saw each other.