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Dick Tracy

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  1. momsaid commented on Eleri Mai Harris Cartoons 5 months ago

    I herd that in Iowa, they grow corn; in Kentucky they drank it; and in California…they put it on the TV.


  2. momsaid commented on The Boondocks 5 months ago

    I’ve read many of these strips. Does Riley EVER figure out that he’s wrong, go to jail, or apologize for anything? Such a waste of ink.

  3. momsaid commented on Lalo Alcaraz 10 months ago

    This is as low as the ‘Mary and Joseph were just like modern homeless people!’ whine-fest in the 90s. They went to Bethlehem to pay taxes, not live off of other people who did. And sneak, they did not. Alcaraz needs some views from a realistic perspective.

  4. momsaid commented on Nancy 11 months ago

    I sense a plot-thickening proposal in the works!

  5. momsaid commented on The Boondocks 11 months ago

    Throughout the life of this strip, I hoped that Huey would finally get in touch with reality (no hope for Riley). Sadly, he never did.

  6. momsaid commented on Ben Sargent 11 months ago

    If you leave out the extensive Antarctic ice, the lower-than-ever solar flares, the expanding Arctic ice cap (that Gore said would be all melted by now), and the record low temps across the globe…yeah, you might believe the drivel in this comic!

  7. momsaid commented on Garfield 11 months ago

    How’d he find out about my FAVORITE treatment technique!!???

  8. momsaid commented on Phil Hands 12 months ago

    The Administration doesn’t seem too concerned with the 5% or more of the population who are losing their health insurance, yet is vaunting the ‘needs’ of the less than 2% who identify as gay. Priorities are interesting.

  9. momsaid commented on La Cucaracha 12 months ago

    Rush has said time and time again, he doesn’t have health insurance because he can afford to pay direct, while letting the doctors avoid paperwork and headaches attendant to dealing with reimbursements, deductibles, and the like. As for those who don’t have his assets, he consistently advocates for choice in coverage, not single-payer. The cartoon is as apart from reality and common sense as I have come to expect from Alcaraz.

  10. momsaid commented on Luann about 1 year ago

    Gunther said his father died before he was born. Do try to notice which word bubble belongs to whom.