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Dick Tracy by Joe Staton and Mike Curtis

Dick Tracy

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  1. Neil Wick commented on Dick Tracy about 1 hour ago

    Great action panels! Another gun fight coming right up, or a cutaway to the zappy action upstairs?

    I’m a little worried about Fritz Ann, but I think she’ll be fine.

  2. Neil Wick commented on Dick Tracy about 3 hours ago

    A nice hideaway. But is in the building or out side of it?

    It’s certainly not in the building. It’s in another part of town. Blaze has been sent on “courier” missions to take parcels there on a regular basis.

  3. Neil Wick commented on Dick Tracy about 8 hours ago

    We haven’t actually seen any of the Munro Brothers for several days now. I’m not even sure where they are now. I’m sure we’ll get an update on them sometime soon. Last we saw, at least two of them were on the 4th floor, but last time we saw Sputnik, he was talking to Mèliès.

    My theorized floor layout put Mèliès, Venus, and Apollo on the 5th floor but I’m starting to think we could have been on the 4th. It was stated the “top floors” (plural) were occupied by Mr. Bigg. I was thinking that there could have been a 6th floor and a penthouse above that, but if the 6th floor is the penthouse, then it’s possible that Mr. Bigg has the 5th floor locked down as well.

    Apollo’s gun may well have been the source of that “explosion” on the 4th floor. We will have to look for clues in the upcoming days to really figure out the whole building layout.

  4. Neil Wick commented on Dick Tracy about 11 hours ago

    “It was nice while it lasted…Good luck, my dear.” I suppose that is part of the life of a criminal.

    There is no honour among thieves and not much loyalty, either.

  5. Neil Wick commented on Dick Tracy about 12 hours ago

    “The T-Fal of the Blackhearts”?

    Good pun!

  6. Neil Wick commented on Dick Tracy about 12 hours ago

    It’s nice to see the Blackhearts have their own personalized swizzlesticks that definitely outclass the MCU’s coffee mugs.

    I noticed the heart on the swizzle sticks. Yes, very classy. Even Méliès and Venus were classy from the first time we saw them, sipping tea and martinis and such. These are some of the classiest criminals around. The MCU is going to have to bump up the class factor to really out-do them.

  7. Neil Wick commented on Dick Tracy about 12 hours ago

    Does Blaze really have to take off? …
    I’m surprised Notta wants to run.

    It’s possible that they are running from any gang members who manage to escape, rather than from the police. In any case, they don’t want to take a chance of being caught in the dragnet.

  8. Neil Wick commented on Dick Tracy about 12 hours ago

    I’m going to “guess” that when Mike decides on a time to have that story with Notta and brother Purdy, that the latter – will suddenly, gain more mobility, a considerably sharper mind, and some speech . . .

    I believe that story is currently scheduled for sometime in 2016, if I remember correctly. I agree that Purdy’s condition will change in some way, though I’m not sure just how. Perhaps the mysterious parcels that Blaze has been delivering have played a part in his eventual recovery or change of status. I wonder how the fall of the Blackhearts will affect that.

    Whether there will be a trip to the Moon or a Space Coupe is way beyond what I would speculate on a the present time. There are a lot of possibilities that wouldn’t even involve those and then, there are some that would. That is somewhere that I would not take my assumptions.

  9. Neil Wick commented on Dick Tracy about 19 hours ago

    What about Purdy?

    That is a good question. Notta will have to take him, of course.

  10. Neil Wick commented on Dick Tracy about 19 hours ago

    Blaze and Notta are looking very “cozy” on that love seat. I think that Blaze actually enjoys Notta’s company, even though it makes Blaze sad that she is stuck serving the Blackhearts and can’t relax on the couch — or at least she was with the Blackhearts.

    Apparently, Blaze and Notta are going to make their separate getaways, but I have a feeling they will be getting back together sometime fairly soon. In fact, it seems more likely than Mr. Bigg getting back to T-Bolt and Diet Smith.