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  1. Matt1075 commented on MythTickle 3 months ago

    This is particularly amusing to me in light of the fact that I had a dream a few days ago where I was a human, being raised as food. I didn’t have any real issues with it, understanding that after a few rounds, I was to incarnate as one of the consumers.

  2. Matt1075 commented on MythTickle 5 months ago

    Kid, you’re wasting your time here. I’m going to introduce you to some of my scientist friends and we are going to discuss how to build a starship.

  3. Matt1075 commented on Non Sequitur 5 months ago

    Hey Wiley- (if you read comments-) I sure miss Homer; the little guy in and out of different lifetimes. Any chance of bringing him back?

  4. Matt1075 commented on Shoe 5 months ago

    @Jim Kerner. Ha- well clearly I would NOT know what ground up roaches taste like. That’s why I was careful to use the word “imagine”. Metamucil is just plain nasty tasting. These days I supplement, when necessary, with glucomannan which comes in capsules, so I have no idea what the flavor is.

  5. Matt1075 commented on Shoe 5 months ago

    Huh? Last I heard, Metamucil was a powder, not a liquid. Have a green salad instead. I am inclined, from the taste, to imagine Metamucil is made from ground up roaches. Or maybe it’s spiders…

  6. Matt1075 commented on Shoe 9 months ago

    Sooo, Google Earth has “Butt View” now?
    @olbartender- LOL, great comment!

  7. Matt1075 commented on MythTickle about 1 year ago

    Ummm, folks, this is a 6, and this is a 9. From where I’m sittin’ looks like 669. No problem.

  8. Matt1075 commented on MythTickle over 1 year ago

    OK, Justin- I’m curious. Why does Karma not want to shake Death’s hand?

  9. Matt1075 commented on Shoe almost 2 years ago

    While I appreciate the point of the strip, the writers seem a bit confused. Area 51 is in Nevada, not New Mexico. Roswell was made famous by being a well known crash site- a different story.

  10. Matt1075 commented on Garfield almost 2 years ago

    Jon, you are missing a REALLY good bet here. The next line should have been “Gee, I sure am glad I didn’t win the grand prize in the lottery.” That is, uhh, if you escape from that volcano, of course. You bought a ticket, right?