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  1. metagalaxy1970 commented on Drabble about 2 hours ago

    @Mike G, I always had to wait on my ex husband. It’s not always the wives that are late, it’s also the husbands too.

  2. metagalaxy1970 commented on Rose is Rose 2 days ago

    Try doing yoga with two cats that some how can take over the floor completely, not leaving much room to do the stretches. Same with a queen sized bed! :-P

  3. metagalaxy1970 commented on Shoe 10 days ago

    Sad part, too many school kids really don’t know.

  4. metagalaxy1970 commented on Betty 16 days ago

    And yet Betty is right.

  5. metagalaxy1970 commented on Thatababy 17 days ago

    templo SUD, what wrong with the dad changing the diaper? You think it’s only the mother’s responsiblitiy?

  6. metagalaxy1970 commented on Ben 17 days ago

    cabalonrye, you’re not the only one that has a ton of books. I live in an apartment and ever so often people will leave open their windows/patio doors. Not a single bookcase to be had. Not a single book on the coffee table. I’m about ready to get another bookcase (small one) for my own books. I’m not a hoarder, I just love to read. And I also go to the library and get a lot of books from there as well. Plus movies, no games.

  7. metagalaxy1970 commented on Betty 18 days ago

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, get the name of the book and get it either at the library or online.

  8. metagalaxy1970 commented on Flo and Friends 18 days ago

    Don’t forget reel to reel tape!

  9. metagalaxy1970 commented on Betty 22 days ago

    It’s easy, find out the name of the book, and get it off line.

  10. metagalaxy1970 commented on Stone Soup 23 days ago

    Not very nice bawana. Just remember, you’ll be that age one day and someone will think the same of you. jerk