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  1. tcar-1 commented on Gil Thorp about 11 hours ago

    Had not heard that. Just looked at it. 58….. too young!

  2. tcar-1 commented on Gil Thorp about 13 hours ago

    Welcome back! I raised the flag on you being gone last week! You don’t have to catch up on the back dailies either. We’re still where we were when you left!

  3. tcar-1 commented on Red and Rover about 13 hours ago

    Running real late today. Just read Garfield. Odie gives his opinion on dogs and going to Mars today!

  4. tcar-1 commented on Little Dog Lost about 13 hours ago

    Are LD’s eyes in panel one a hoot or what?

  5. tcar-1 commented on Red and Rover about 15 hours ago

    Of all people to break the story it had to be Martin?

  6. tcar-1 commented on Gil Thorp 1 day ago

    If this Subway thing can get rid of those stupid "he went to Jarrod’ commercials then some good will come of it!

  7. tcar-1 commented on Dark Side of the Horse 2 days ago

    “Duct tape…….. the handy man’s secret weapon”… Red Green!

  8. tcar-1 commented on Raising Duncan 2 days ago

    A term that would come naturally to “BIG” Daddy!

  9. tcar-1 commented on Gil Thorp 2 days ago

    Bitsy needs to read today’s “THE FLYING McCOYS”.

  10. tcar-1 commented on Citizen Dog 2 days ago

    Most times it was No Coke….. Pepsi. But I think I remember one where the ‘coke salesman had been there’ and for that one it was ‘no Pepsi…….Coke’. Can’t find it though!