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  1. tcar-1 commented on Gil Thorp about 13 hours ago

    Making my last pass for the night. I knew you’d know about this stuff! I was 11 or 12 for that Giants game. I remember the two Gogolak brothers since you reminded me. Also remember going from hating Huff because he was a Giant to liking him because he became a ’Skin! As Seinfeld said “we pull for laundry!”

  2. tcar-1 commented on Gil Thorp about 18 hours ago

    One last comment…. only exception to your rule is UNC vs Duke in basketball! Blowout in that one for the correct team is not dull!

  3. tcar-1 commented on Gil Thorp about 20 hours ago

    The Skin’s ‘72’ point effort came against the Giants and I was a kid watching it with ‘Pop’. It was 72-41 (I think) and was in either the ’66 or ’67 season. I have also read about that 73-0 Bears game. I think Washington was even supposed to be favored if my memory of what I read is correct. I do remember reading that part about the extra points you mentioned. ‘The Brown Starfish’ can probably help with this Redskin history!

  4. tcar-1 commented on Gil Thorp about 22 hours ago

    Century earlier but sort of a same kind of story to the Georgia Tech 222-0 football win over Cumberland. I forget all the details but for money reasons Cumberland could not forefeit even though the team had basically folded. A ‘team’ made up of regular students and trainers dressed out for Cumberland and went up agains a ranked GT team.

  5. tcar-1 commented on Gil Thorp 1 day ago

    Maybe that scoreboard is ‘Albert Flasher’.

  6. tcar-1 commented on Gil Thorp 1 day ago

    Milford is imitating real life in NC right now. East Lincoln won the state 2A (or 2AA – I’m not sure which) title in football going 16-0. Right now the EL basketball team with the same stars (two brothers actually) are 12-0 and ranked # 1 in the state in 2A basketball.

  7. tcar-1 commented on Raising Duncan 1 day ago

    About time she was nice to Big Daddy after the way she was last week!

  8. tcar-1 commented on Little Dog Lost 1 day ago

    Is that the one that Torti ‘likes’?

  9. tcar-1 commented on Dog Eat Doug 1 day ago

    We have a little min-pin/chi mix named Tinky. When we let her out ‘to go’ she comes flying back up the sidewalk to the house. I always say "here comes 487mph Tinky " when she does that. No idea why that number came up when I said it the first time.

  10. tcar-1 commented on Gil Thorp 2 days ago

    Saturday not Monday.