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  1. tcar-1 commented on Gil Thorp about 20 hours ago

    “Uncle Martin”………… had forgotten about him playing the teacher in that movie!

  2. tcar-1 commented on Dog Eat Doug about 21 hours ago

    Agree. If he was on a ‘power trip’ he’d be pulling back on the leash and it would be taunt. As it is it’s laying there ‘slack’. He doesn’t even have his hand through the loop.

  3. tcar-1 commented on Arlo and Janis about 24 hours ago

    I disagree on the 49’ers cheerleaders! When I see them all I think is how ironic!!

  4. tcar-1 commented on Little Dog Lost 1 day ago

    Panel two………. fist shaking………. totally out of character for LDL. No way it could work for him!

  5. tcar-1 commented on Today's Dogg 1 day ago

    And don’t catch them!

  6. tcar-1 commented on Gil Thorp 1 day ago

    Pasco will play basketball this winter. His first words will be “Ummm Juicy Fruit”.

  7. tcar-1 commented on Dog Eat Doug 1 day ago

    I love how the communication flows between these two.

  8. tcar-1 commented on Shoe 2 days ago

    Agree 100%. It’s not just on this site either.
    It’s been B&W on Yahoo Comics the last two days also.

  9. tcar-1 commented on Gil Thorp 2 days ago

    Maynard returns in panel three today. And in panel two is that our one-armed coach or do we now have a one-armed player too?

  10. tcar-1 commented on Gil Thorp 2 days ago

    I think they should trade “He went to Jarrod” to the JETS.