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  1. kv450 commented on Mike Luckovich over 1 year ago

    I concur! Our best President since FDR. Undermined by Iranian terrorists, Ted Kennedy, and Ray-Gun.

  2. kv450 commented on The Argyle Sweater over 1 year ago

    007 makes the same pun to Felix Leiter in the film version “Diamonds Are Forever”

  3. kv450 commented on Jeff Danziger over 1 year ago

    Sorry, but this is undeserved.

  4. kv450 commented on Tom Toles over 1 year ago

    Does anyone else think that Ted Cruz looks (and sounds) a little like former Senator Joseph McCarthy?

  5. kv450 commented on Doonesbury over 2 years ago

    Dennis Miller used to be funny, but he lost his wits and wit after 9/11.

  6. kv450 commented on Jeff Danziger over 3 years ago

    She’s still at least 2x as good for the USA as any imaginable GOP/Tea-Bagger candidate.

  7. kv450 commented on Ted Rall over 3 years ago

    Why does any paper or syndicate carry Rall’s gall?

  8. kv450 commented on The Other Coast almost 4 years ago

    Sweet sentiment – I love seeing dogs and cats find loving homes. Of course, humans are the real winners because they receive pure love.

  9. kv450 commented on Red and Rover almost 5 years ago

    They may not deserve it, but you know they need it, as do we all.