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  1. gmu328 commented on Andy Capp 3 days ago

    they are both smiling. Unlike the Lockhorns whom only smiled in the same strip one and only one time only as far as I know …

  2. gmu328 commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 16 days ago

    Trump’s peccadilloes are far more serious … they’re truly criminal and would do more harm to us despite what “disinterest” says above ..

  3. gmu328 commented on Get Fuzzy 16 days ago

    Basketball, and to some extent Football, are catching up with Soccer on dives …

  4. gmu328 commented on Pearls Before Swine 16 days ago

    so very true ..

  5. gmu328 commented on Bound and Gagged 17 days ago

    It’s Momma!

  6. gmu328 commented on Jim Morin 23 days ago

    Actually, your comment is not that important either to many people. Women should have the right to their own issues and not let men govern every aspect of their bodies.

  7. gmu328 commented on Non Sequitur 25 days ago

    Jill looks and talks like the babysitter in the Pixar cartoon, “The Incredibles”

  8. gmu328 commented on Moderately Confused about 1 month ago

    can you enlighten me? i am more than moderately confused here. thanks …

  9. gmu328 commented on Pearls Before Swine about 1 month ago

    Thank you Stephen … haven’t seen a long drawn out “punny” strip in a long long time … was expecting it today and you didn’t disappoint … the punchline was a bit too much, but thanks anyway

  10. gmu328 commented on Pearls Before Swine 2 months ago

    Not really … it shouldn’t be untouchable because after the early 70’s Peanuts was basically a re-run / parody of itself …