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  1. jmworacle commented on Working Daze about 3 years ago

    Mas Carolina por favor!!!

  2. jmworacle commented on Jim Morin about 3 years ago

    Before I started work for my employer I was required to take a drug test. Why are public employees and people who are public assistance exempt?

  3. jmworacle commented on Working Daze over 3 years ago

    Mas Carolina por favor!!!!

  4. jmworacle commented on Herb and Jamaal over 3 years ago

    Only if the person is a Republican.

  5. jmworacle commented on Baldo almost 4 years ago

    Being a second generation Americon on my father’s side of the family I have no problem with someone who wants to immigrate to the United States for a better life. What I do have a problem with are people (regardless of their country of origin) who come here illegally. By requiring someone to provide “papers” is the same policy that other soverign nations require. The sadness is that the idiot classmate of Gracie making ignorant comments. Oh, by the way, if Fox News is not inacurate with their coverage why are the leading CNN & MSNBC combined in the ratings?

  6. jmworacle commented on JumpStart almost 4 years ago

    Unfortunattly it is sad but true.

  7. jmworacle commented on The Other Coast almost 4 years ago

    Koko should move to Miami, FL.

  8. jmworacle commented on State of the Union about 5 years ago

    I’ve been away for so long to find this! Please say it ain’t so!!!

  9. jmworacle commented on State of the Union over 5 years ago

    This comic is stoopid!

  10. jmworacle commented on State of the Union over 5 years ago

    I have a question to my friends on the left: “If Sarah Palin so incompentent, then why are you afraid of her?” The Republicrats selected an “moderate who could reach across the aisle too work with the other party and look what it got them. Bi-partisanship does not mean you give up all of your principles to get along. This country is a right of center in their thinking. The way Jimmy Carter, Hillary er Bill Clinton and Barack Obama where elected was that they ran as centerist. Sadly only one of those three were wise enough to see the writing on the wall and governed in a smart way.