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  1. RavennaAl commented on Calvin and Hobbes 10 months ago

    Calvin going through her purse? Hey look Hobbes, a missile. Help me light the fuse and let’s see what happens……

  2. RavennaAl commented on Overboard 11 months ago

    I have a feeling that Old Man Winter is going to take the fall for this.

  3. RavennaAl commented on FoxTrot 11 months ago

    We had a Fortran computer in high school. Our teacher said it was impossible to program it to play games. I told him I could make it play a game. He said if I could do that, he would give me an A for the class, so after thinking for a bit, I came up with a tic-tac-toe program based on 5 being the middle square, 1-4 being the corners and 6-9 the side squares. I started with ‘If X = 5 then 2’ meaning if the first person put an X in the middle square, then it would put it’s mark in square #2, a corner square. If X > 5 then 5 and if X < 5 then 5 meaning if the first person put an X in any other square, it would pick the middle square. etc. I got an A for the class and the program made it so that the computer would either win or tie. You could not beat the computer

  4. RavennaAl commented on Pickles 11 months ago

    Sounds like Cat Scratch Fever to me

  5. RavennaAl commented on FoxTrot Classics 11 months ago

    Peter will make a nice 1%’er

  6. RavennaAl commented on Calvin and Hobbes 11 months ago

    The drawing of Calvin appears to be one of the earlier strips written by Watterson. As for the Prisoner, my favorite episode was Hammer Into Anvil Psychological warfare at it’s finest!

  7. RavennaAl commented on Bloom County almost 2 years ago

    Must be where they got the inspiration for Mars Attacks

  8. RavennaAl commented on FoxTrot Classics about 2 years ago

    They’re both going to be really disappointed when they get to Beaver Road or Bush Lane

  9. RavennaAl commented on Pickles over 2 years ago

    If that cocoa butter had already been applied to some hot blonde down at the beach, it would have been a whole other story…..

  10. RavennaAl commented on Peanuts over 2 years ago

    Oopsie Doopsie Ex Foopsia is a disease where you constantly say stupid things that end up costing you a career. It is mostly found in those who are in politics.