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  1. Ray C commented on Tarzan about 10 hours ago

    You got it.

  2. Ray C commented on Annie about 18 hours ago

    To stop a guy fleeing in a boat, holding a baby, it’s standard procedure to shoot several rounds at him.

  3. Ray C commented on Tarzan about 18 hours ago

    Just when they think they’re out of danger:
    1. Tarzan gets points shaved off on the dead body toss: it was supposed to do a two and a half.
    2. The team loses the gold medal due to improper passing of the sword.
    3. The team goes back to the dungeon for vandalizing the arena.

  4. Ray C commented on Frog Applause 1 day ago

    When I go out to get a job sometimes,
    It seems that people can read my mind,
    And make money disappear while they’re talkin’ sweet and kind.
    (Simple Man, Simple Dream, J.D. Souther/Linda Ronstadt)

  5. Ray C commented on Tarzan 1 day ago

    Degree of Difficulty: 220. 10 points off for bent elbows.
    Sorry…been watching gymnastics. And I hate any event that includes a degree of difficulty. Gimme an event where a home run is a home run and a touchdown a touchdown, no matter how it looks.Basketball was OK until they added the “degree of difficulty” 3-point shot.

  6. Ray C commented on Annie 3 days ago

    This kid is never going to learn proper English. Even teenagers ain’t this bad.

  7. Ray C commented on Tarzan 3 days ago

    This could get Al Gore another hundred million in speaking fees.

  8. Ray C commented on Brewster Rockit 3 days ago

    A diamond at Jupiter’s core would probably weigh about a million tons. It would wreck the South African diamond monopoly, so IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN! (Of course, then we have the problem of sending a ship to Jupiter, tunneling down to the diamond, getting the world’s biggest diamond cutter to help, then toting it back home. Probably not a threat to the diamond industry.

  9. Ray C commented on Learn to Speak Cat 5 days ago

    Our Siamese couldn’t care less about catnip. The ex-feral guy (American Shorthair?) goes into ecstasy. It’s downright scary! .

  10. Ray C commented on Learn to Speak Cat 6 days ago

    No medals in swimming, though.