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  1. fusilier commented on Henry Payne about 1 month ago

    @Edward White

    You might follow the trajectories shown here: http://www.gocomics.com/darrin-bell

    My guess is you’ve never been in an actual firefight.

    James 2:24

  2. fusilier commented on Arlo and Janis about 1 month ago

    If you use “cladistics” in a sentence, you’d better know who Willi Hennig was.

    Hint for the quiz: autapomorphic characters ;^) ;^) ;^)

    James :4

  3. fusilier commented on Thatababy 2 months ago

    I was sending something off for My Beloved and Darling Wife, and saw an add for a new stamp, commemorating the repeal of the Stamp Act.

    Nice bit of irony

    James 2:24

  4. fusilier commented on Tank McNamara 2 months ago

    She just might be a keeper, Tank.

    James 2:24

  5. fusilier commented on Jim Morin 2 months ago


    Women show male-pattern alopecia when their levels of protective estrogen drop at menopause.

    Just FYI.

    James 2:24

  6. fusilier commented on Thatababy 3 months ago

    “Or All the Seas With Oysters”

    Great short story.

    James 2:24

  7. fusilier commented on Kevin Kallaugher 4 months ago

    That soul was lost when Strom Thurmond changed parties.

    James 2:24

  8. fusilier commented on Frazz 4 months ago


    “Schwlabe” is a brand of tire.

    Yours in pedantry,

    James 2:24

  9. fusilier commented on Mike Lester 5 months ago

    Funny thing is, under Obamacare, hospitals in Indianapolis are actually breaking even, when it comes to ER visits. They aren’t having to write off bills as uncollectable so often.

    James 2:24

  10. fusilier commented on Robert Ariail 5 months ago


    It’s part of the South Carolina flag.