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Raising Duncan

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  1. denniesim commented on Andy Capp 5 days ago

    A varouca (however it’s spelled) is what a plantar wart us called in England.

  2. denniesim commented on Betty 14 days ago

    Shoes really aren’t any protection from a rotary lawn mower. My husband had on work shoes (not steel toes) and cut the front part of his foot off. His foot slipped when trying to mow a steep drainage d itch type thing. Doc said sneakers would have held his foot together better, but steel toed shoes would have mangled things beyond repIr. As it was, they were able to reattach everything. Not quite good as new, but still there.

  3. denniesim commented on Working Daze about 1 month ago

    Like she doesn’t know – if times get bad for a company, bonuses remain for the uppers. The verily ones whose decisions often caused the problems. Workers are let go entirely.

  4. denniesim commented on Emmy Lou 6 months ago

    Candy stripers, I remember that! We had a white and pink striped dress and white pinafore. I don’t remember a cusp at sll. This is a great comic strip.

    I love looking at the way the fashions of the time were drawn and remembering. I showed one comic to my daughter and told her “I had those shoes!” She was not impressed, and didn’t even think they were particularly attractive. Tsk, the younger generation…

  5. denniesim commented on Citizen Dog 10 months ago

    I’m sorry if this if out of line. If one of your friends us being treated badly, why not form your own group to “meet” where you can include anybody toy want? You could form a secret or private group on Facebook. There are forums for free at Dylphi. Lots of options, if you’re not getting what you need.

  6. denniesim commented on Free Range 10 months ago


  7. denniesim commented on For Better or For Worse 11 months ago

    My mother was a dental hygienist who smoked heavily. She would hold the bite wing Xray film in people’s mouth when she Xrayed their molars. Way back in the past before they worried acout the radiation exposure. Poor thing didn’t have a chance. She died in 1965 at almost 40 years old.

  8. denniesim commented on Cul de Sac about 1 year ago

    I love this family!

  9. denniesim commented on Jump Start about 1 year ago

    She’s his mother. Didn’t she teach all this to him growing up?

  10. denniesim commented on Nancy about 1 year ago

    Yeah, he’s nervous because he’s going to pop the question.