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  1. Asadullaah2012 commented on Joel Pett over 7 years ago

    I know Joel Pett personally, worked with him in the newsroom there in Lex for six years. Cool Dude with a sharp wit and pen.

  2. Asadullaah2012 commented on Gil Thorp over 7 years ago

    Hey MarkTrail, Cool sign-on name there Bro. The writers follow the sports seasons year after year after year. Milford hasn’t won a state title in several seasons now; I don’t know how and which writers/artists decide that – an actual roll of a pair of dice at the beginning of each season or what – but if “Gil” is such a good coach, they’re WAY overdue. Maybe football or basketball will bring a title. Gil Thorp is the only comic strip I read…