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  1. WindSpider commented on Stone Soup almost 3 years ago

    Dalebrook pool actually exist, Its in a place called Kalk Bay. I’m from the area, weird to read about it in a cartoon :)

  2. WindSpider commented on The Argyle Sweater almost 4 years ago

    Bizarrely…Non Sequiter also had an Ark gag…co-inky-dinky?

  3. WindSpider commented on Garfield almost 4 years ago

    Actually that’s a tortoise…I thought turtles had flat shells and liked getting wet?

  4. WindSpider commented on Dude and Dude almost 4 years ago

    For the non surfing types…that means left footed…

  5. WindSpider commented on Dude and Dude over 4 years ago

    Dude, I used to ride a Town and Country…then went on to Hot Buttered..sweet.

  6. WindSpider commented on B.C. over 4 years ago

    Nope…I got nothing…narf.

  7. WindSpider commented on Liberty Meadows over 4 years ago

    He has a similar gag where he draws a cool manga cartoon robot in 3 steps…I think this happens when he forgets to do a strip and just draws whatever. His artwork is so awesome that I don’t mind.

  8. WindSpider commented on Dude and Dude over 4 years ago

    I see what you did thar…just drop the “for”.

  9. WindSpider commented on Lost Side of Suburbia over 4 years ago

    Hmm…interesting, recurring theme of lost childhood coming through? I think the concept behind Calvin and Hobbes is intertwined with the plot. Totally enjoying this strip.

  10. WindSpider commented on Liberty Meadows almost 5 years ago

    …I actually have a friend that would do that…disturbingly, my mom thinks its hilarious…