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  1. breen41 commented on Frank & Ernest over 2 years ago

    Super Chicken said it best years ago. When asked by his sidekick Fred why he didn’t use his super-vision, he said “If I had any supervision, would I be wearing this suit?”

  2. breen41 commented on Nest Heads over 2 years ago

    The “Pat the Bunny” reference is just an insult, not a reference to the book she’s carrying. That is, even the meaning of the title of a children’s book is over your head.

  3. breen41 commented on Ziggy almost 4 years ago

    Krazy and Felix were icons of their day (I have collections of the former and even some silent animated cartoons of the latter), but my heart belongs to Hobbes and Bill the Cat (of whom I have a wonderfully hideous stuffed version).

  4. breen41 commented on Frank & Ernest over 4 years ago

    Anyone who thinks a gag can be “stolen” on one day for a strip appearing the next may be interested in some Atlantis beachfront property I have available. And who does a St. Patrick cartoon for March 16?

  5. breen41 commented on Bound and Gagged almost 7 years ago

    All this has reminded me of one of my favorite snowman gags. In a very old Sunday Peanuts, Linus spends panel after panel making dozens of little snowmen. In the last panel, he stands at a snow podium and addresses them, saying “I suppose you’re all wondering why I asked you here today.”