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  1. SDSillyCyclist commented on On A Claire Day about 1 month ago

    I think it’s just the opposite – Sammi’s a good friend who is willing to point out the damage that Claire could do with her relationship to Paul by going out with another guy. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with going out with an old friend for lunch so long as both know the full situation.

  2. SDSillyCyclist commented on The Meaning of Lila about 1 month ago

    Odd, I remember this story arc about Drew losing the baby, but I certainly don’t remember Lila saying anything like that back then.

  3. SDSillyCyclist commented on Free Range about 1 month ago

    Our company does their own “Bring your child to work day” in the summer so that the kids won’t miss any school. Today was not advertised at all.

  4. SDSillyCyclist commented on FoxTrot Classics 2 months ago

    Everyone here provided the answer in degrees. Jason would have used radians.

  5. SDSillyCyclist commented on The Meaning of Lila 2 months ago

    Reminds me of the “Topper” character in Dilbert.

  6. SDSillyCyclist commented on Peanuts Begins 3 months ago

    cindyorch, hotshot1984, Snoopy started out as a neighborhood dog. I’m not sure when he became Charlie Brown’s dog.

  7. SDSillyCyclist commented on In the Bleachers 3 months ago

    This reminded me to check in on the “Eagle Cam” http://www.eagles.org/dceaglecam/

  8. SDSillyCyclist commented on JumpStart 3 months ago

    Wow, I have to admit that I was following along with this strip and I was totally confused as to who either of these people are too – Lynn Chang was only mentioned in passing (aside from the fact she was Asian with dark hair before) and I didn’t recognize Ray with the shades (and the different surroundings). Thanks to the comments for straightening me out.

  9. SDSillyCyclist commented on Cathy 3 months ago

    just a few years ago, a woman at the ticket booth at a ski resort in Utah (forgot which one), hassled a friend because her last name didn’t match her husband’s (he was trying to use a spouse discount on her lift ticket). Oddly, she had hyphenated it, so his last name was on her ID… also, their addresses matched. They got the discount, but I was thinking “What century is this woman from?”

  10. SDSillyCyclist commented on Frazz 3 months ago

    I totally forgot about those paper straws! They were still around in the 60’s, probably in schools… they would collapse, then you would have to blow air through them and hope that they would stay open long enough to get more liquid through them before they would collapse again…