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  1. wbr commented on Dana Summers 43 minutes ago

    all the democrats was to ask that the fla electrol vote not cert. in time to be counted

  2. wbr commented on Scott Stantis about 1 hour ago

    trump does al gore imitation

  3. wbr commented on Robert Ariail about 1 hour ago

    dear kip w i follow the ee cumming school of typing

  4. wbr commented on Tom Toles about 1 hour ago

    is he going to do an al gore move

  5. wbr commented on Steve Kelley about 18 hours ago

    oops jeddidyah is not keeping up with the news

  6. wbr commented on Chip Bok about 18 hours ago

    while doing research for a city election in 2009 i found of the 70 people i know in my precinct who voted in 11/08 were 2 dead people [02/08 and 07/08] that is only 3%in order to have a case you have to grab them in the act when i found a few months later that dead had voted nothing could be done

  7. wbr commented on Robert Ariail about 19 hours ago

    sorry old coal that this toon is beyond your understanding

  8. wbr commented on Matt Wuerker about 19 hours ago

    sleep thru attacks is what she does best whether trump or bengahzi

  9. wbr commented on Steve Kelley about 24 hours ago

    so hilliary got the questions before the the debate and trump did not what is unfair about that ?

  10. wbr commented on Bob Gorrell about 24 hours ago

    he is sounding like al gore