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  1. bearwku82 commented on Gil Thorp about 19 hours ago

    P1- Been awhile since we have seen the bus pic. Isn’t the game ball normally given after the game in the locker room? Wacky GilPa. Slightly unconventional.

  2. bearwku82 commented on Gil Thorp 3 days ago

    Screen Pass? I think not. More like a telegraphed swing pass, slow to develop and Moose with his improved footwork, rumbled in to save the day. Bitsy, how could you omit high vaulting smart aleck cheerleaders soaring over the line for touchdowns? Somewhere, Koy Nash is locked up in jail for assault as Shimura is pursuing his doctorate.

  3. bearwku82 commented on Gil Thorp 4 days ago

    As a linebacker, Moose has keys to look for thanks to the scouting report the coaches put together in the practice sessions leading up to the game. BBHHAAAWWWWW HAH HAH HAH!!!

  4. bearwku82 commented on Gil Thorp 5 days ago

    Shoulda, coulda, whuda. Coach Drool, salivating with anticipation of Valley Tech’s D stopping the Mudlark drive, is bemused that a 150lb. tight end is able to decleat his defender, literally knocking the poo out of him.

  5. bearwku82 commented on Gil Thorp 6 days ago

    P2- VT’s #19 has the posture of Fred Gwynn’s Herman Munster. Like Coach Drool didn’t see a draw coming.

  6. bearwku82 commented on Gil Thorp 7 days ago

    P2- Nick “Ball” Hawker acts as though he has visited the endzone before. Despite not wearing her game face with no eye black, Heather reports in, flankers right with the Darwins in front of her, on the line. Archer heaves a pass behind the line of scrimmage to Burns. Moose playing left tackle, is not “covered.” With his improved footwork, Pelwecki runs a post pattern and……..

  7. bearwku82 commented on Gil Thorp 8 days ago

    P2- Why are Kaz and GilPa talking Boo’s neighborhood bookshelves?

  8. bearwku82 commented on Gil Thorp 10 days ago

    Great holiday week of MFS, EES, Fist Pump Family and GiPa attempting to be brutally honest as I embark on my quest to attend the original Bourbon Bowl here in The Ville. VT’s Coach Drool is salivating in wait of facing the mediocre Mudlarks.

  9. bearwku82 commented on Gil Thorp 11 days ago

    P3- Those are vultures in that tree. They have grown weary of circling over this rancid storyline.

  10. bearwku82 commented on Gil Thorp 12 days ago

    P3 provides us with two longstanding GT staples, melting face and EES. Truly a day of thanks GilPa snarkers.