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Gil Thorp by Neal Rubin and Rod Whigham

Gil Thorp

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  1. HooDad commented on Gil Thorp 7 days ago

    Well if it enlarges for more than 4 hours, be sure to call a doctor.

  2. HooDad commented on Gil Thorp 11 days ago

    The last time I commented before yesterday was only a week ago. But it wasn’t a countdown, so maybe you’re not counting that. You know when you’re HooDad or the band Europa, countdowns are what you do.

  3. HooDad commented on Gil Thorp 12 days ago

    The last game was seen in the October 24 strip — longest bye week ever. The last practice was seen in the November 5 strip, although the “action” in the November 6 strip took place at the field following that practice — Holly saying she thinks about “us” and Gil asking “what us?”. That’s two panels of “football” out of the last 54 panels, or 3.7%. So, yeah, we’re ready for some football!

  4. HooDad commented on Gil Thorp 18 days ago

    Not only the stitching, but the shape. I P3 it’s round; in P1 it’s more angular. Wait, if Gil’s shirts just naturally change like that, maybe he DID say what Mimi thinks he did and what we saw was the alternate reality. Mr. Reality?

  5. HooDad commented on Gil Thorp 21 days ago

    Rubin knows his Shakespeare. That appears to be a quote from Comedy of Errors (Act 1, Scene 2) on the whiteboard: “I to the world am like a drop of water.”

  6. HooDad commented on Gil Thorp 29 days ago

    After dominating the storylines for football last year, baseball, and the offseason, True has been remarkably absent this football season. This is his first discernible appearance — may have been in a group of players — in 15 days. Considering he led the team to a state championship, attended one of the elite football camps, and is a nationally ranked prospect, it’s shocking that he’s kept such a low profile and that the show has basically ignored him till now.

  7. HooDad commented on Gil Thorp about 1 month ago

    In today’s strip, Mimi channels Big John Pasco(e)!!

  8. HooDad commented on Gil Thorp about 1 month ago

    So I’m playing golf yesterday and look down at the watch/GPS on my wrist and realize it’s got an extra-wide band. Mystery solved: all the characters in this strip are golfers and are wearing GPS devices on their wrists. That’s got to be it, right?

  9. HooDad commented on Gil Thorp 3 months ago

    You’d think Tru(e) would be better conditioned than his father, but even though they’ve both been washing the car, Tru(e)‘s sweating profusely in P2 and Art’s face is bone dry.

  10. HooDad commented on Gil Thorp 3 months ago

    I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again: Whigham doesn’t draw sweat beads well. They look more like acne or tiny noses growing on the characters’ faces. And where’d the sweat come from in P3? It wasn’t there in P2. If we can spot all these inconsistencies, why doesn’t Whigham; it’s his job, after all. And don’t get me started on how he draws shoes. Those Adidas in P1 are totally deformed. (And you guys thought all I could do was count things.)