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  1. ynnek58 commented on ViewsLatinAmerica over 5 years ago

    well said!

  2. ynnek58 commented on Views of the World over 5 years ago

    He approval rating has been on a constant slide – he could yet hit Bush territory! LOL

    Obama should be wearing the bucket, and the elephant with one on his foot – plenty of idiocy on both sides!

  3. ynnek58 commented on Faces of the News by Kerry Waghorn over 5 years ago

    Hats off dude! I was weaned on Bradbury – my kid just doesn’t appreciate it!

  4. ynnek58 commented on Signe Wilkinson over 5 years ago

    everybody appreciates heavy metal!

  5. ynnek58 commented on Wit of the World over 5 years ago

    the bike broke

  6. ynnek58 commented on Matt Wuerker over 5 years ago

    yeah, agreed – he’s no dummy (but he is a nut!)

  7. ynnek58 commented on Nick Anderson over 5 years ago

    No problem leaving – let;s make sure an leave a big crater so the problem doesn’t come back again.

  8. ynnek58 commented on Lisa Benson over 5 years ago

    it’s just another distraction from the other shenanigans going on in Washington D.C.

  9. ynnek58 commented on Steve Benson over 5 years ago

    Cartoon is funny, but it doesn’t make Obama any less of a socialist. A dope is a dope and they’re both dopes.

  10. ynnek58 commented on Steve Breen over 5 years ago

    it’s all about the rabid right? NO rabid left shenanigans? Me thinks thou dost protest too much!