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  1. Pauljmsn commented on Random Acts of Nancy about 4 hours ago

    I wonder when they quit using steam cabinets. Or have they?

  2. Pauljmsn commented on Peanuts 1 day ago

    I walk a lot and I’m always checking out the dates on the sidewalk. I’ve seen dates in the 20s.

  3. Pauljmsn commented on Broom Hilda 2 days ago

    WHAT?! That;s government interference in our individuals rights! The Libertarians will go nuts! I’ll bet they’ll text their outrage to their friends.

    And fall into open manholes.

  4. Pauljmsn commented on Bloom County 4 days ago

    It does sound like a good idea.

  5. Pauljmsn commented on Broom Hilda 10 days ago

    So my state is good for something. That’s nice.

  6. Pauljmsn commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria 14 days ago


  7. Pauljmsn commented on Mutt & Jeff 14 days ago

    Somewhere, some living history museum should have an Automat. Prices have gone beyond the ability of getting what you want with a coin or two, but they could sell tokens ahead of time.

    That sounds like it might be fun. And much better than Burger King.

  8. Pauljmsn commented on Doonesbury 16 days ago

    “Who’s going to run against a 74-year-old grandmother with a pregnant campaign manager?”

    I picture Jeb Bush trying on gray-haired wigs while Karl Rove stuffs a pillow down the front of his pants.

  9. Pauljmsn commented on Kliban 19 days ago

    It depends on how you kill it.

  10. Pauljmsn commented on Francis 23 days ago

    Well, the debate should be left to the scientists. Speaking of which, can you name which sitting Pope has a Master’s Degree in Chemistry? Leave it to the “scientists”, indeed.