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  1. Pauljmsn commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria about 8 hours ago

    I think the problem is worse than that. It’s everyone else’s age.

    Excuse me while I try and support myself on these old bones.

  2. Pauljmsn commented on Nancy 1 day ago

    Oh, and why has "justice"become a dirty word?

  3. Pauljmsn commented on Nancy 1 day ago

    Actually, a character named “Quick Draw McGraw” may have some relevance today, what with the gun debates going on.

  4. Pauljmsn commented on Nancy 2 days ago

    I remember waaay back in the 60s or early 70s when CBS News did a segment on Buffalo Bob doing a contemporary concert. He made some, shall we say, topical jokes. The example they showed was about Bob finding Clarabelle’s rolling papers in his piano. It went over great with the audience, which was well represented by hippies. They loved Buffalo Bob, and I suspect largely because of nostalgia rather than irony or hipsterism.

  5. Pauljmsn commented on Peanuts 4 days ago

    Amulatep sounds like an Egyptian pharaoh.

  6. Pauljmsn commented on Over the Hedge 4 days ago

    Aha! RJ is a SubGenius™! I knew it!

    And a SubGenius™ MUST have Slack!

  7. Pauljmsn commented on Tank McNamara 5 days ago

    I was going to say Bill O’Reilly, but invoking Mr. Pills’ name works, thank you.

  8. Pauljmsn commented on Brewster Rockit 7 days ago

    “There are lies, dam* lies, and statistics…”

    Unless those statistics support MY beliefs, then they’re the gospel truth.

  9. Pauljmsn commented on Mutt & Jeff 11 days ago

    Mutt and Jeff were old hands at breaking the Fourth Wall. There were regular references to not-having-a-gag-to-finish-the-page, or things-will-be-back-to-normal-tomorrow-folks, etc. My family had a very old M&J collection from just after WW I (!). One strip had Jeff marching into Bud Fisher’s office to demand some time off. The payoff showed Fisher and Jeff heading out on vacation together.

  10. Pauljmsn commented on FoxTrot Classics 14 days ago

    Actually, IRS Publication 5328-7 sounds like it could be useful beyond Income Tax time. I could think of many, many people who need that sort of encouragement.