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  1. Pauljmsn commented on Doonesbury 3 days ago

    I was in Scotland in ‘87 and attended the Edinburgh Military Tattoo with a tour group. The American entry played "Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina". Only five years after the conflict, that was a very poor choice.

    The Yanks made up for it, though, with a young lady wielding a flaming baton. They don’t HAVE flaming batons in the UK. She was a sensation.

  2. Pauljmsn commented on Doonesbury 4 days ago

    Climate change" “I’m not a scientist.”
    Trickle-down? “I’m not an economist.”
    Planned parenthood? “I AM an expert on women’s health!”

  3. Pauljmsn commented on Doonesbury 4 days ago

    I’m not willing to go as far as letting them drop dead – they’d pass out first anyway – but I’d love to see their cheeks puff out and their faces turn blue. Except for Rush; his cheeks are puffed out anyway.

  4. Pauljmsn commented on Brewster Rockit 5 days ago

    Ah, the mysteries of old technology. Call Inspector Morse!

    (Can you spot the hidden message?)


  5. Pauljmsn commented on Skippy 6 days ago

    I like the phrase “spill the gravy”. No one mentions that bit of slang from back then.

  6. Pauljmsn commented on Mutt & Jeff 8 days ago

    I often wonder if an Eat-O-Mat like this may still exist somewhere, like in a museum or living history complex. The food wouldn’t cost a dime a pop anymore, of course, but they could sell tokens. That might not be a bad idea.

  7. Pauljmsn commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria 12 days ago

    Good summary. As far as I’m concerned, SF began to move away from what they consider “real” in the late 60s, with New Worlds magazine and the Dangerous Visions anthologies signaling the change. I’d go so far as saying that the shift began with Galaxy magazine in the 50s.

  8. Pauljmsn commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria 14 days ago

    As if Mycroft Holmes’ Diogenes Club had a message board.

  9. Pauljmsn commented on Francis 17 days ago

    Yes. I wish it wasn’t.

  10. Pauljmsn commented on Doonesbury 22 days ago

    “80% of all pollution is caused by trees.” I’m unclear as to who it was that originally said that – Watt of President Reagan. Of course, Reagan may have gotten it from Watt and repeated it.