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  1. alfuso commented on Stone Soup 7 months ago

    If my mother didn’t see my clothes in the laundry, she came into my room and sorted them for me. All of them. Into the wash…

  2. alfuso commented on Lucky Cow 7 months ago

    Real Canadians would have given the food to the homeless.
    I think…

  3. alfuso commented on Dick Tracy 12 months ago

    WHH – you will be surprised at how small WWII aircraft are

  4. alfuso commented on Arlo and Janis almost 2 years ago

    I thought I was the only one left who knew that song. I have it somewhere in my vinyl collection.

  5. alfuso commented on Spot the Frog over 2 years ago

    Is this a rerun?

  6. alfuso commented on Working Daze over 3 years ago

    I’d bet on both of them.