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  1. MisngNOLA commented on Frog Applause almost 5 years ago

    HI friends. Haven’t been around since I got laid off in September, just wondering if anyone else is not getting updates to FAX or if it’s on my end only?

  2. MisngNOLA commented on Jen Sorensen about 5 years ago

    Brian, I enjoy that your commentary stays on point and doesn’t bother with silly things like substance, preferring instead to comment on style points. I don’t always take time to proofread my comments, so the inevitable typo will slip in. One thing I must ask about your comments on grammar, if a member of the “Republican” party is termed a Republican, then would a member of the “Democratic” party be thusly termed a Democratic? The answer is obviously no, which is why I choose, (and grammatically correctly so by many accounts) to call the party the Democrat Party rather than Democratic Party.

    And you’re correct, I don’t deny that many wealthy folks control the Republican Party because I, unlike you, don’t fear the truth, which is that both parties are controlled by money. I’ve stated before that I voted for Ron Paul in the 2008 Presidential election, and I will do so again in 2012 because he is the only candidate (Democrat or Republican) who actually speaks the facts when it comes to both the causes and the remedies for the economic situation our government is in right now. You must be intelligent enough to understand that there will be no economic recovery of the private sector as long as the threat of governmental misfeasance and economic collapse looms over this nation. One has only to look to the gross inefficiency and flat out failure of all of the programs designed to pull the nation out of the recession (most assuredly helped along by the policies of George W. Bush and the Democrat-controlled Congress he was saddled with) it is now in to understand that. I suppose though, when you are bound to a political party regardless of their ineptitude, simply because they promise to do things for you, despite their dismal record of delivering on any of those promises in a meaningful manner, you can’t see beyond their smoke and mirrors, and you must dutifully partake heartily of their bovine excrement, and parrot back the phrase “Thank you sir, may I please have some more” instead of looking for alternatives.

  3. MisngNOLA commented on Alley Oop about 5 years ago

    Wait, there was oil BEFORE the dinosaurs died out? What died out earlier and left its hydrocarbon footprint ?

  4. MisngNOLA commented on Prickly City about 5 years ago

    And Winslow is definitely a Democrat…makes no move to stop the Republican foibles, spouts technically true, but totally useless ideas on what to do now that they’re in the hole.

  5. MisngNOLA commented on Rabbits Against Magic about 5 years ago

    LMAO, even got the cheap PBRs that all the hipsters drink.

  6. MisngNOLA commented on Raising Duncan about 5 years ago

    With my cat Joey, don’t wear anything that’s not made of cowhide or some material that cat claws can’t penetrate.

  7. MisngNOLA commented on Shoe about 5 years ago

    And Fiddy Cent…he’s one of the cents’s, isn’t he?

  8. MisngNOLA commented on Jen Sorensen about 5 years ago

    And the wealthy (George Soros, Warren Buffet, et al…) don’t OWN the Democrat Party? Take a minute and think about this Mr Crook, how did George Soros make his money? Did he start a corporation which manufactures things and creates jobs? Or did he play currency games and banking regulations to his billionaire advantage? Same with Warren Buffet, playing the market and manipulating currecnies and negotiable instruments. These are the very people who have essentially killed the US and the world’s economy. But you conveniently always seem to forget how rich they are and how they OWN, yes OWN the Deomcrat party.

  9. MisngNOLA commented on Speed Bump about 5 years ago

    I hear (or maybe I just deduced it from the mimes acting it out) that the deceased was unable to get out of his imaginary box, and is now being interred in it.

  10. MisngNOLA commented on Tarzan about 5 years ago

    Yes, the inconsiderate back-seat driving woman.