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  1. kendonna commented on The Academia Waltz over 3 years ago

    Where do you crazy people get this stuff? And don’t tell me you are someone intelligent…according to your ilk, Republicans are the cause of everything! The Dopey Dems are the ones in power currently.

  2. kendonna commented on Gary Varvel over 3 years ago

    Varvel nails it again – this guy is great!

  3. kendonna commented on Mike Luckovich over 3 years ago

    All the mishaps of the LibDems and Luckovich attacks the GOP…typical media misdirection tactic.

  4. kendonna commented on Pearls Before Swine over 3 years ago

    Do the Lakers know about pig?

  5. kendonna commented on Doonesbury over 3 years ago

    When will he drop the Bush-bashing and hit on some Obama-rama? Gad – plenty of good material in this administration…

  6. kendonna commented on Doonesbury almost 4 years ago

    Baby bump…

  7. kendonna commented on Jeff Danziger almost 4 years ago

    It should be “Obama” doing the push…

  8. kendonna commented on Doonesbury about 4 years ago

    110% – the same percentage as Obama votes in certain districts – hmmm…

  9. kendonna commented on Doonesbury about 4 years ago

    Is Obama a service vet? I think not…

  10. kendonna commented on Doonesbury about 4 years ago

    When is the overdone, ridiculous storyline about Obama going to appear?