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  1. David Henderson commented on Pooch Cafe 2 days ago

    You could just do like this mail carrier did and throw it in the trash.

  2. David Henderson commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 2 days ago

    On the speed of light thing, they cheated. They made a clear chemical goo and then froze it solid. Then they shoot a laser thought it. In short it was about like shinning a flashlight thought a cement block.

  3. David Henderson commented on U.S. Acres 3 days ago

    The coloring is most likely done in China and they can not even read English.

  4. David Henderson commented on B.C. 3 days ago

    I have always thought that BC was set in some sort of post-apocalyptic world…

  5. David Henderson commented on Working It Out 8 days ago

    And hope they do not go on a shooting spree.

  6. David Henderson commented on In the Bleachers 11 days ago

    “Heckler Off, brought to you by the makers of Troll Spray”

  7. David Henderson commented on Heavenly Nostrils 17 days ago

    I have been reading in the news that the Loch Ness monster is feared dead. Not one single sighting in over 18 months.

  8. David Henderson commented on The Barn 17 days ago

    Because some 500 pound person would be screaming lawsuit.

  9. David Henderson commented on Pearls Before Swine 17 days ago

    When I was 10 years old I would hop on my bike at sun up and would be gone all day. I would most often not return until sun down. At the age of 10 I would often end up as much as 10 miles from home while riding my bike. At the age of 15 I even started camping out on warm summer nights all by my self (unless you count the loaded 12 gauge pump shotgun I slept with). I feel really sad for kids now days that do not have the freedom to even step out the front door without an adult in tow. With all the craps kids have to put up with today I often wonder what kind of adult they will turn out to be and how will they treat the next generation of kids. The next generation of kids will be treated like harden criminals and prisoners from the day they are born until the day they die. I can see the beginning of that happening now.

  10. David Henderson commented on Cornered 18 days ago

    This kind of hits home. Back years ago I left town for two weeks without telling any one any thing. I come home after 2 weeks and my mother did not even know I had been gone. I was living at home at the time.