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  1. habfan40 commented on Tim Eagan 5 days ago

    The left is so geared up to get Trump that they are willing to forgive Hilary’s sins.. After she is elected president (shudder)
    and the American public wakes up and sees her for what she is (a professional leach of the system ) they will complain oh how All politicians are corrupt and can not be trusted.
    Stop electing the same cast of shysters. The modern day professional politician, as a general rule have always worked jobs that were paid from the taxes collected from the public. The vast majority have never worked in the public sector. They were groomed out of university (shielded from the realities of day to day public living) to jump into jobs that are funded by tax payers (eg counsel members or government run sectors such as social workers) they get that entitlement mind set and then decide to run for higher office.
    I do not like Mr Trump’s general messages (lets ban Mexican’s for example) his solutions are too simplistic to work properly. but something has to be done about the problems faced today by all Americans. Electing any politician who just jabbers on with junk that they know the politically correct movement wants to hear and block out the hard truths they know deep inside need to be done will just keep the problem festering.

  2. habfan40 commented on Lisa Benson 6 days ago

    looks li our Prime minister selfie

  3. habfan40 commented on Jeff Danziger 14 days ago


  4. habfan40 commented on Signe Wilkinson 15 days ago

    Actually Mussolini was very popular in Italy for 10 years . They only turned on him when the war turned on the Axis

  5. habfan40 commented on Matt Wuerker 19 days ago

    If dodging military service is reason not to be the commander in chief then how do you justify Bill Clinton.. He mastered the draft dodge and manipulated the system so he would never serve.

  6. habfan40 commented on Signe Wilkinson 26 days ago

    some Canadians don’t even remove their hats during our national anthem let alone stand

  7. habfan40 commented on Signe Wilkinson 27 days ago

    no medical system used by any country (my Canada included) is perfect. You will never have a system that serves all the people equally, Here in Canada we have a system that’s not too bad in relation to access to services. the big problem is it may take months to get the treatment due to a massive waiting list . There is only so much money in the pot to pay for all those “free” services. Nurses jobs are contently being cut or scaled back due to budget cuts. New age procedures are not available due to the higher costs. They put you on long waiting lists for minor procedures (6 months) hoping that your problem goes away or you get cured by a lesser option such as self healing

  8. habfan40 commented on Gary Varvel 27 days ago

    he sits on his fat wallet (football player) and complains on how bad blacks are treated

  9. habfan40 commented on Tom Toles 27 days ago

    I don’t think Clinton’s brain is abnormal lol

  10. habfan40 commented on Jim Morin 27 days ago

    who decides if there is a conflict of interest?
    why aren’t all tax forms made public so we can judge if our fellow co-workers are not supporting something that might be in conflict of interest to our company etc