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  1. thebird55 commented on Frazz about 10 hours ago

    Back trouble there, exercise boy?

  2. thebird55 commented on Calvin and Hobbes about 19 hours ago

    I was told had two broken ribs (I had forgotten that part), but was otherwise intact. I hobbled around for a week before going back and telling them that I knew something else was wrong.

    In my first accident, I was first told I had only a broken collarbone. A subsequent visit revealed four broken ribs. For the follow up visit, I went to another facility. I was telling the doctor there about the four ribs being overlooked, when he looked down at my chart, looked back up, and said, “Six”.

  3. thebird55 commented on Arlo and Janis 1 day ago

    I call it “textspeak”, and I refuse to use it, even when I’m stuck using my old style keypad. (I try to do all my texting from my laptop, not my old style phone.)

    I read someplace just yesterday about mix-ups caused by textspeak. It was funny. One person got a message from her mother about a family friend passing, ending with “lol”. Mom thought it meant “lots of love”.

  4. thebird55 commented on Calvin and Hobbes 1 day ago

    Eight years ago I went over the handlebars and broke my collarbone and six ribs. Also got a little road rash and concussion in the package. A little over two years later, same bike, I went over again. This time at a much slower speed, and yet I still managed to crack my acetabulum.

    That’s right, I busted my ace…

  5. thebird55 commented on Pearls Before Swine 1 day ago

    I don’t like to disparage Trump. (Too easy.) But this is worth watching. (Maybe not the whole thing, but enough to get the point.)


  6. thebird55 commented on Arlo and Janis 1 day ago

    Frankly, I would balk at complying with a request written like that.

  7. thebird55 commented on Frazz 1 day ago

    The only required reading that I ever actually read was ‘The Outsiders’. I liked it a lot more than I thought I would.

  8. thebird55 commented on Pearls Before Swine 1 day ago

    The theist says, “I believe there is a God.”

    The atheist says, “There is no God.”

    The agnostic says, “One cannot know if there is, or is no God. Therefore, I’ll wait and see.”

    One of those three seems awfully sure of himself.

  9. thebird55 commented on For Better or For Worse 1 day ago

    Ridgestone Dr, Warner Robins.

  10. thebird55 commented on Pearls Before Swine 2 days ago

    Maybe, but true Christians do not believe it is their job to dispense the “or else”.