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  1. forbear commented on On A Claire Day about 1 month ago

    My daughter graduated high school, turned 18, and moved out of the house (on a part time, minimum wage job) the same month. She’d already been “promoted” to supervisor at her job when she was 17. (More responsibility, no raise). She worked very hard at finding a better job. She didn’t want to go to college until she knew what she wanted to do. So she targeted a couple of companies in the area and just kept applying and sending resumes. She made up a pretty impressive resume for someone with just a little bit of work experience (but she was involved in all kinds of activities in high school. . . one of the perks of home schooling.)

    At the age of 19, she got hired by a credit union, who said they didn’t usually hire people her age, but they were impressed by her persistence in applying every month for 6 months. At the age of 20, she got promoted. She is making enough money that she just bought a house, and she turns 21 next month. After she is there 3 years, they will pay for her tuition, and she is planning on going to school. She can get up to a Masters, debt-free, and she is paying less in mortgage payments than she was paying in rent.

    I was very disappointed that she didn’t want to go to college after high school, but she has taken the right path for her.

  2. forbear commented on Cathy about 1 month ago

    I’ve had cats that can open doors, cupboards, and drawers. One of my current cats chews through bags to get to food, which is why all the pet food (we have two dogs and two cats) is in large rubbermaid containers. Except that working together, the two cats HAVE gotten the lid off one of the containers a couple of times.

  3. forbear commented on Luann Againn about 1 month ago

    I’m the mom. At one point we had 6 people in our house, and it was the kids’ responsibility to feed the dogs, but the dogs would come to ME if the kids forgot, instead of going to the kids. I think they recognize who the “get things done” person is.

  4. forbear commented on The Dinette Set about 1 month ago

    I bought a collage frame one time, and one of the pictures in it was actually someone I knew! I didn’t realize it at the time. It was a mutual friend who saw it in my living room before I had put pictures in it, picked it up, and said, “Hey, isn’t that Ben?”

  5. forbear commented on The Dinette Set about 1 month ago

    I think I’m going to be ill. . .

  6. forbear commented on For Better or For Worse about 1 month ago

    You asked for it, sweetie. Just a part of growing up.

  7. forbear commented on On A Claire Day 2 months ago

    Organic doesn’t mean no calories.

  8. forbear commented on The Dinette Set 2 months ago

    The Big Mac and chocolate milkshake I had in Holland were AMAZING. . . but when you see the size of their cows, it is no wonder!

    That was in 1987. I haven’t eaten at McDonald’s in years, for health reasons.

  9. forbear commented on Luann Againn 2 months ago

    Are you a male, or female? If you are a male, I understand your mother’s actions. If you are a female, that was a little overboard.

  10. forbear commented on One Big Happy 2 months ago

    I know what a radiator is! I burned my hand on one when I was a child, at my grandmother’s hairdresser’s. The old ladies all made a big fuss over me, and put butter on the burn, which we know now is a big no-no.

    I never melted crayons, but my kids would put their broken crayons on the heating vent to soften them up, and then would shape them into things.