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Heavenly Nostrils by Dana Simpson

Heavenly Nostrils

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  1. Dampwaffle commented on Maria's Day 2 days ago

    Mr. Waterson deserves credit for ending the strip when he lost interest in it. Too many strips go on far too long after the spark goes out of it. I thought Peanuts went on for about 30 years too long, and I haven’t read a Garfield cartoon or a Beetle Bailey cartoon for years.

  2. Dampwaffle commented on Arlo and Janis 2 days ago

    Typical. The blabbermouth woman who spilled the beans goes into a “men are such unfeeling brutes” blame game to deflect the guilt from herself…

  3. Dampwaffle commented on Pickles 7 days ago

    Mom used to try to keep us from snacking before dinner. “You’ll spoil your dinner” she would say.
    “I’d feel a heck of a lot worse if dinner spoiled my dessert.” I usually replied.

  4. Dampwaffle commented on The Elderberries 7 days ago

    I only got three bucks?

  5. Dampwaffle commented on The Elderberries 7 days ago

    I shot three ducks?

  6. Dampwaffle commented on Frazz 15 days ago

    Okay, summer is a third over, so are we going to keep on with the “what I will do this summer” for the rest of the season instead of showing what they actually DO during the summer.

  7. Dampwaffle commented on Heavenly Nostrils 18 days ago

    Hemorhoid Ring? Toilet booster seat? Pitted olives?

  8. Dampwaffle commented on Arlo and Janis 20 days ago

    You must be a public employee, Janis… in the real world, working for For Profit corporations, people didn’t get an extra day off after the 4th last year…

  9. Dampwaffle commented on Barkeater Lake 25 days ago

    If she’d have hidden little airport booze bottles in each row of the garden, here mother would have been grubbing down there in the dirt like a prairie dog!

  10. Dampwaffle commented on One Big Happy 25 days ago

    This cartoon reminds me of a story about U.S. Grant – supposedly, in the years between the Mexican War and the Civil War, he sold a hunting dog to a fellow officer, claiming it was the best birding dog he’d ever trained. When the dog turned out to be a failure at bird hunting, the officer when back to complain. Grant pointed to the hind end of the dog. “You see those two round objects between his back legs? Those are adjustable nuts. Right now he is set for Rabbit.”