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  1. JPBecker commented on Tom Toles about 5 years ago

    You Liberals love to keep spouting that lie don’t you. Under Obama the debt size has increased in 1 1/2 years to 3X the total of the 8 years of Bush! Everytime the Democrats have full control we get ruiness tax increases, spending through the roof. FYI Every time Bush or the Republicans tried to impose spending cuts or modify the tax code they were stopped by the Left and their Democratic lackys! The Dems have been in charge of both branches of Congress during the entire Bush years!

  2. JPBecker commented on Pat Oliphant about 5 years ago

    Just the opposite! We have a clueless “captain Obama” at the helm who keeps trying to steer the ship of state directly into a giant iceburg! While the Tea Party and its conservative allies are attempting to stop him before he completely destroys the ship of state.

  3. JPBecker commented on Heathcliff almost 6 years ago

    Yes it practically guarantees a laugh each day!

  4. JPBecker commented on ViewsAsia almost 6 years ago

    It has become another “League of Nations” organization like back in the 1930’s, Totally useless! The real power was the U.S. and the Soviet Union during the later 20th Century and now the U.S. and the Peoples Republic of China! With the newly formed Russian Federation trying to regain what it had back when it was the Soviet Union.

  5. JPBecker commented on Dick Tracy almost 6 years ago

    Dr, Midnight this was doomed from Day 1! Now we will spend the next 2 weeks rehashing all this.and just maybe by Christmas Tracy will finally find out what the bleep he is suppose to help the FBI (Federal Bureau of Idiots)!

  6. JPBecker commented on Bloom County almost 6 years ago

    Yes steelerman66 in todays dollars that is cheap. But remember this was writtend and drawn in the 1980’s when a million was still a big deal.

  7. JPBecker commented on Dick Tracy almost 6 years ago

    I thought we finished this so called story line! Rightwingmoron, with that handle you must be a Leftwingidiot! I believe in literature that Robin Hood’s true name was Robin of Locksley a Saxon nobleman.

  8. JPBecker commented on Shoe almost 6 years ago

    I believe it is called a “head” in one!

  9. JPBecker commented on Nick Anderson almost 6 years ago

    For someone that before the election could not wait for this comedy act to get started and over, now he doing every thing he can to stall the proceedings. And since when is a NY politician ever been broke? Especially one that has been in Congress as long as he has!

  10. JPBecker commented on Andy Capp almost 6 years ago

    Naw he just going to send her back out if it is still raining.