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  1. TheiaLee commented on Cul de Sac 7 days ago

    I agree. And even if I have seen them before (during short repeats) I still find them enjoyable.

  2. TheiaLee commented on Little Dog Lost 27 days ago


  3. TheiaLee commented on MythTickle about 1 month ago

    I once had a phone that would take pictures of the inside of my pocket. Every week, I would go through the photos and delete all the solid black ones.

  4. TheiaLee commented on Frazz 2 months ago

    That was a full sentence.

  5. TheiaLee commented on Freshly Squeezed 2 months ago

    Let the land be fallow for 5 years. All that nasty stuff percolates out. Raising your own food isn’t about saving a few pennies. It’s about having control over what you are eating.

  6. TheiaLee commented on Jane's World 2 months ago


  7. TheiaLee commented on Drabble 3 months ago

    Oh yes, in the USA. I grew up in a house with one bathroom (no shower, only tub) and seven people. It was a vast improvement over the house with one outhouse that we had lived in before.

  8. TheiaLee commented on Pearls Before Swine 3 months ago

    Capsaicin not pepsin.

  9. TheiaLee commented on The Barn 3 months ago

    I think the air conditioning is for the produce, not the workers.

  10. TheiaLee commented on The Barn 3 months ago

    It’s the same with eggs. You can always tell when the chickens get into the onion patch.