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  1. mcarlclapp commented on Inspector Danger's Crime Quiz 7 months ago

    I agree that it was the second suspect but not for the type of candle. If it had burned for 1 hour and 51 minutes there would be a lot of wax in and on the candle holder. Even the so called “dripless” candles leave some residue over that length of time.

  2. mcarlclapp commented on Shoe 10 months ago

    How about Jason from FoxTrot for the computer and math questions?

  3. mcarlclapp commented on Inspector Danger's Crime Quiz over 1 year ago

    Agreed. I didn’t look up migration times. I looked up “pied”. The bird should have been spotted. Without knowing the area in which the man was murdered, How could we know whether the bird had migrated from or too that area.

  4. mcarlclapp commented on Pickles about 2 years ago

    Do not complain if you are old. Most people don’t make it there at all.

  5. mcarlclapp commented on Pearls Before Swine about 3 years ago

    The bass section of the orchestra got drunk one night. When they looked around they saw that the sheet music was put into bundles and fastened with string.

    The bass’ were loaded and the score was tied.

  6. mcarlclapp commented on Liberty Meadows about 3 years ago

    I care too.

  7. mcarlclapp commented on Liberty Meadows about 3 years ago

    How about “Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition”?

  8. mcarlclapp commented on Liberty Meadows over 3 years ago

    A stupid terrorist was supposed to blow up a car. He burnt his lips on the exhaust pipe.

  9. mcarlclapp commented on Calvin and Hobbes over 3 years ago

    Where are the monsters who usually reside under the bed?

  10. mcarlclapp commented on Peanuts over 3 years ago

    In the days of sailing ships, there were often hatches below the water line. If a person deliberately opened one of those hatches while at sea, it would sink the ship. The hatches were called “scuttes”.

    The phrase itself, in this usage, means to have the activity/plans stopped cold unexpectedly.

    I think that Snoopy chose exactly the right word here.