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Grand Avenue by Steve Breen and Mike Thompson

Grand Avenue

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  1. Uskoke commented on JumpStart 3 days ago

    Try that with a kleptomaniac cat, my Zuzu will go for anything that’s inside my glass or plate, milk, water, sour milk, even watermelon.

  2. Uskoke commented on JumpStart 6 days ago

    Once I went to a customer who had a formidable looking female itbull (she had more muscles than Schwarzenegger) and barked at me looking quite ferocious, so I told her owner to please release her so I could pet her, and so he did, and she “charged” at me and started licking my hands! And another customer had a similar pit bull, I think by nature they’re mellow and become aggressive only with “special” training. (I mean uneccessary aggresive-I didn’t attack their owners).

  3. Uskoke commented on Dog Eat Doug 6 days ago

    My 4-year molly catches everything, grasshoppers, mice, little lizards, cockroaches and goes withoout saying she comes to me with her prey, to get a “reward” for her hunting abilities, or maybe to bring me a “treat”, for the master!

  4. Uskoke commented on Thatababy 10 days ago

    …and another greek word, from herpeto (=reptile)ερπετό, ερπετάριο. I have 2 pet turtles, red eared sliders, that i discovered are omnivorous, they eat “prey” (flies, bees, wasps, mosquitoes etc)flowers and they’re very, very ravenous, the big one must be 10" !!She has very strong legs and jaws, as I painfully learnt, and a stunt for acrobatics.

  5. Uskoke commented on PC and Pixel 10 days ago

    Once in Germany, in the Frankfurter Zoo, I saw a caged thingy, with a sign, here you see the most dangerous animal, that destroys the planet and its own species, and I walk in front of it and it’s a mirror!! Lol!!

  6. Uskoke commented on Agnes 20 days ago

    @gzitver:אתה מדבר עברית?

  7. Uskoke commented on Grand Avenue about 1 month ago

    @Jen:they’re form 2009, so says the copyright mark.

  8. Uskoke commented on JumpStart about 1 month ago

    Not like cats, who are all born kleptomaniacs. My Zuzu (a molly) wil go straight for my dinner, even if it’s something that cats generally dislike, like salad or vegetables. While a dog will usually just"beg", the cat will jump on the table.

  9. Uskoke commented on JumpStart about 1 month ago

    my rescued molly is 4 now, 3 years being with me (she’s an alley cat). She "rewards"me with “treats” like lizards, grasshopers, birds etc. But she’s the best pet I ever had, and yes, she’s sterilized! (Imagine me having a cat litter every 6 months!)

  10. Uskoke commented on Marmaduke about 1 month ago

    yeah, he’s the funnly looking kid witht he round nose, who’s a good shortstop!