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  1. corpcasselbury commented on Working Daze about 24 hours ago

    Melvin’s actually lucky to be alive, and not just because of this incident.

  2. corpcasselbury commented on Working Daze 4 days ago

    If I were Jay, the day I let something like Pokemon Go distract me from seeing Andromeda in a very skimpy bikini is the day the electronic device would be flushed down the toilet.

  3. corpcasselbury commented on Working Daze 5 days ago

    Does the blond Ed double sleep as much as Ed does, Scott, or does he actually do some work?

  4. corpcasselbury commented on Working Daze 5 days ago

    I totally agree.

  5. corpcasselbury commented on Wizard of Id 5 days ago

    That does actually sound like something Rod Serling would have come up with.

  6. corpcasselbury commented on Stone Soup Classics 5 days ago

    Interesting. No company that I have ever worked for would object to an employee having to go home and take care of a sick child or spouse. Nor has my wife’s employer ever done so, either. Very interesting.

  7. corpcasselbury commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 5 days ago

    Yes, to avoid having the stage lights reflecting off any lenses. They did the same thing with George Reeves when he appeared as Clark Kent in “The Adventures of Superman”, though they did add lenses later because he actually needed them.

  8. corpcasselbury commented on Pluggers 5 days ago

    That’s because they actually HAD plots, unlike most of what Hollywood churns out today.

  9. corpcasselbury commented on Luann 5 days ago

    Actually, you have to be very comfortable with each other in order to get married, otherwise you have the potential for imminent disaster. I see nothing wrong with Brad and Toni’s comfort level.

  10. corpcasselbury commented on Herman 5 days ago

    I agree with you about the M1 Abrams, though the Germans would undoubtedly say the Leopard 2 and the British would say the Challenger 2.