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  1. Crazyoldcoot commented on Endtown 6 months ago

    “Apex, a subsiderary of the Soylent Corporation, makers of Soylent Green!”

  2. Crazyoldcoot commented on Endtown 6 months ago

    Time to make haste elsewhere….

  3. Crazyoldcoot commented on Endtown 7 months ago

    Look at panel 3, it’s from his perspective. Focus is failing ( brain is shutting down). In “normal” disease & injury processes the brain will shut down higher functions first ( thats why diabetic emergencies are sometimes mistaken for intoxication), in strokes and head injuries again you can lose higher functions as the brain pulls resources back to the stem to survive. His shout to Holly was probably his last functional thought as his brain began to restructure. When this fades- he’s gone.

  4. Crazyoldcoot commented on Endtown 8 months ago

    Highest priority problem I see is whatever Buddibombs Holly may still have. If they begin to seek- they might be what destroys the baby ( after all Holly survives).

  5. Crazyoldcoot commented on Endtown 9 months ago

    To me this is just the end game of a society that thinks it can cure all of it’s ills with “BIg Brother”. More complex surveillance & weapons, but the only true deadly weapon isn’t hardware- it’s deadly people. All Holly is doing is inviting the devil to the dance.

  6. Crazyoldcoot commented on Endtown about 1 year ago

    Lesson #1 for Holly:

    It’s time to bury the dead, not drag them around- your self imposed burden puts everyone at risk.

    Lesson # 2 for Holly:

    Do not threaten children in front of Kirbee.

  7. Crazyoldcoot commented on Endtown about 1 year ago

    The last time that brain was powered there were Jim & Sarah were still around, two that were likely wanted Topsiders. A couple of volts from now that brain is a big intel leak- would have been better off letting it burn in Unity.

  8. Crazyoldcoot commented on Endtown over 1 year ago

    I’m no expert either, but if faced by a larger force- charging thru your shots are at the the enemy. So is his…. every shot fired at you is also fired at his on force ( you are a fast moving target in his midst) he stands a better chance of shooting his own forces ( and helping you) than stoping you. Of course, that would depend on a normal enemy- not what this looks like, could be whatever is a little further behind is worse to face than trying to force through here?

  9. Crazyoldcoot commented on Endtown over 1 year ago

    In 1925 Floyd Collins was trapped by one foot under a small ( 17 lb) rock in Sand Cave in Kentucky. All it took was an accidental kick in the dark and it led to him die there about two weeks later, even with one of the largest rescue attempts ever attempted at the time ( included National Guard, hundreds of volunteers, even Charles Lindbergh flying photos for the papers). At one point amputation was discussed- but the Dr. couldn’t access the leg, so they put a harness on him and tried brute force, his brother became so horrified at the results he started pulling against the rope. In the end nothing worked. We once had a trucker trapped by his overturned rig on his leg, power lines above meant long delays to use a crane. So we simply dug him out, if you cannot lift the wreckage – lower the person trapped.

  10. Crazyoldcoot commented on Endtown over 1 year ago

    I’m afraid it’s going to lean towards " The Great Waldo Pepper", where Ezra was trapped in the burning wreckage. When Waldo realized he couldn’t free his screaming friend- a quick blow to the head with a broken spar to spare him the agony of burning to death.