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  1. charlie555 commented on Clay Jones 4 months ago

    Oh pleaseā€¦ no rational pro-aborts deny a zygote is a human child anymore. They are proud of the unvarnished right of women to kill their children.

  2. charlie555 commented on Nick Anderson 4 months ago

    Your right to your body ends where the body of your child begins. Murder is not a proportional response to a baby needing your love for only 9 months.

  3. charlie555 commented on Signe Wilkinson about 1 year ago

    “How would you feel if you were violated and raped, and then had to live with a constant reminder of it every day for the rest of your life?”
    [I’m afraid you are asking the wrong person this question to receive the reply you want.]
    I would forgive my rapist, because Jesus forgave me, and would rejoice that something so horrible resulted in something so beautiful: my very own child to raise in the Light of Faith! He would be a daily reminder to me of the mercy of God.

  4. charlie555 commented on Signe Wilkinson about 1 year ago

    My rapist’s baby is my baby too. He did nothing to deserve the death penalty. Like all children, he deserves a mother’s love, not her hate. If she can’t love him, she can give him to someone who will.