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  1. wakeangel2001 commented on Monty about 19 hours ago

    frankly I’m surprised he’s actually eating the food the camp provided

  2. wakeangel2001 commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 1 day ago

    North Dakota revels either stupidity or malevolence in an entrapment scheme. The purpose of pretzels or other bread related snacks is to absorb some of the alcohol in the beer and provide the body with good carbohydrates to use as energy which again mitigates the effect of alcohol. If you can’t eat then the alcohol in the beer is going to make you drunker faster. The only reason I can see this law being passed o to catch more people for public drunkenness or DUI.

  3. wakeangel2001 commented on JumpStart 3 days ago

    You know what? I have more to say about the store bought kit thing, have you SEEN the kits? It’s not like they have a little car all ready carved up for you to paint, it’s just a regulation sized block of wood with the holes pre drilled nice and parallel, regulation weight, and regulation wheels and axles. The kit exists so everyone has the means of making a car that fits within the competition’s parameters, it’s up to the person to carve the thing into an aerodynamic shape that’ll go down that slope faster. Without those kits someone could use fancy wheels that have less friction, heavier weights that’ll make the car hug the road surface harder, or any number of things to gain an unfair advantage.

  4. wakeangel2001 commented on JumpStart 3 days ago

    How can the rules say no store bought kits? That’s what they are FOR, it’s how the sport stays regulated.

  5. wakeangel2001 commented on FoxTrot Classics 4 days ago

    how do you tell your son he’s being an asshole?

  6. wakeangel2001 commented on Luann 5 days ago

    fascinating, seeing both endpoints of daddy issues at the same time

  7. wakeangel2001 commented on Get Fuzzy 5 days ago

    apparently Bucky thinks 4chan is the world’s greatest news source.

  8. wakeangel2001 commented on FoxTrot Classics 5 days ago

    …You know, I’ve been reading this comic for years, but I honestly don’t know how old Jason is supposed to be. I always assumed he was at least 10 or so but strips like this make him sound like he’s freaking 5.

  9. wakeangel2001 commented on Endtown 7 days ago

    there goes the neighborhood…

  10. wakeangel2001 commented on Garfield 10 days ago

    fireflies neither bite nor sting, aside from crawling all over him what are they going to do to Jon?