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  1. wakeangel2001 commented on Monty 9 days ago

    dragging the schlub into the lagoon is one thing, but drinking his booze? that’s just adding insult to injury…

  2. wakeangel2001 commented on Endtown 13 days ago

    no one here is very good at surface survival, I mean seriously we have a ditzy lizard who was tricked into going on snipe hunts, a kid, a girl who has lived as a waitress for several years in an isolated little colony of safeness, and a disembodied head…I don’t think even kitty MacGuyver can help these 4 for long…

  3. wakeangel2001 commented on JumpStart 13 days ago

    so if you know exactly where the leak is you save $35 on the repair bill?

  4. wakeangel2001 commented on Endtown 16 days ago

    I’m trying to figure out if the ditsy lizard girl is getting through this so well because she’s surprisingly good at surface survival, or just too dumb to panic, either way the irony of this scene isn’t lost on me.

  5. wakeangel2001 commented on Endtown 18 days ago

    ok plan b then…

  6. wakeangel2001 commented on JumpStart 18 days ago

    They’re rare, but they do pop up every now and then, I’ve received $2 bills as payment as least a couple times while working the register. The awkward part is that there’s no designated slot in the cash drawer so I have to put it underneath with the $50s and $100s.

  7. wakeangel2001 commented on Endtown 20 days ago

    can they plant their brain in a jar in one of those mutts or is the hardware designed to rob it of its free will?

  8. wakeangel2001 commented on Get Fuzzy 20 days ago

    I don’t think cows have a natural drive to mate anymore, if we didn’t guide them to breed they would simply go extinct. If we stopped eating meat but didn’t want our livestock species to die out we would be morally obligated to breed back at least some of their wild instincts so they could survive.

  9. wakeangel2001 commented on Monty 21 days ago

    he’s too old to be on this kind of “date”

  10. wakeangel2001 commented on Endtown 27 days ago

    I think this is going to be a REALLY weird love triangle…