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  1. adinasherer commented on Freshly Squeezed over 1 year ago

    I would LOVE to know what book she chose for him!!!!

  2. adinasherer commented on On A Claire Day over 2 years ago

    me too! any chance the strip can cycle back to the beginning and start over on gocomics?

  3. adinasherer commented on Cul de Sac almost 4 years ago


  4. adinasherer commented on Freshly Squeezed almost 4 years ago

    Nice :-)

  5. adinasherer commented on MythTickle almost 4 years ago

    Yes – I love it – I bought my laptop from Best Buy and it came pre-installed with a Gook Squad link :-)

  6. adinasherer commented on Candorville about 4 years ago

    This is EXACTLY what happened to me! All of a sudden my APR JUMPED, I called them, my credit limit was lowered to what I owed and therefore I was maxed out and therefore I was a bad credit risk – even tho I ALWAYS pay a little more than the minimum and pay it a few days early – SO UNFAIR!!!!!

  7. adinasherer commented on Freshly Squeezed about 4 years ago

    I used to read a little bit every night to my kids before bedtime. At one point i read them The Hobbit. They loved it, so we took a deep breath and started the whole LOTR trilogy. It took about 2 years at our pace. When we finished, I couldn’t read anything else to them for at least a month – it was just impossible to think of reading anything else after that.

  8. adinasherer commented on Freshly Squeezed about 4 years ago

    Magic Treehouse – Book 1 – my kids LOVED it!!!!

  9. adinasherer commented on Arlo and Janis over 4 years ago


  10. adinasherer commented on MythTickle over 4 years ago

    I love it – thank you for sharing – and thank you for this strip – it’s wonderful on so many different levels