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  1. zsrogers commented on Tim Eagan about 6 years ago

    Hey TotalLoser, Good plan. I’ve been preaching pretty much the same stuff. Problem is, we need to find a way to get it on the ballots.

  2. zsrogers commented on Stuart Carlson about 6 years ago

    Hey SaltyCroc, take a look at the numbers. In ‘08 the deficit was $400 billion and now it’s $1.8 trillion. Thanks to Barack and the democrats in congress.

  3. zsrogers commented on In the Bleachers over 6 years ago

    I think I had that coach.

  4. zsrogers commented on Jeff Danziger over 6 years ago

    I still say have the Imam and other Muslims involved with the project swear on the Koran that they condemn the 9/11 attacks and al-Queda.

    As far as FoxNews goes, it’s good to have at least 1 alternative to the left-wing party liners on the other so called ‘news’ channels.

  5. zsrogers commented on Sylvia over 6 years ago

    Let’s see - Bottled vs Tap; Guinness Stout vs Michelob Light; Ichiban Sushi vs Long John Silvers… Need I say more? What’s good is good, what sucks really sucks.

  6. zsrogers commented on The Other Coast over 6 years ago

    They need to go down a few layers of strata and get to the 16’ 160k IBM floppies.

  7. zsrogers commented on Tom Toles over 6 years ago

    Of course he doesn’t say how many were killed by illegal guns that criminals would have with or without gun control. Or how many people were saved by having a gun.

    Hey Tom, take a look at Australia where they banned guns and violent crimes went up over 30%.

  8. zsrogers commented on Speed Bump over 6 years ago

    Is there a ‘French’ section?

  9. zsrogers commented on Jeff Danziger over 6 years ago

    At it’s just one person telling them. The Dems have to listen to Pelosi and Reid.

  10. zsrogers commented on Fred Basset almost 7 years ago

    Well I think Mike was just bored today.