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  1. joegee commented on Strange Brew 29 minutes ago

    Winner! +1

  2. joegee commented on Scary Gary 30 minutes ago

    Long night with the 50’ woman?

  3. joegee commented on Doonesbury 32 minutes ago

    I’m thinking that the GOP will dump the Donald, he’ll go Indy and the Dems will win. Sort of like when that big-eared idiot Perot from Texas kept running with his own money, Rock on Don, rock on.

  4. joegee commented on Doonesbury 34 minutes ago

    I don’t know if he did or not…it wouldn’t suprise me….the thing is that she says he didn’t.

  5. joegee commented on Pearls Before Swine about 1 hour ago

    I went there too but in my mind I always hear Weird Al’s version. Today especially, after reading Get Fuzzy and Satch saying “Cat’s in the kitchen.”

  6. joegee commented on The Other Coast about 16 hours ago

    It’s a joke people. Adrian isn’t advocating shaving your pet.

  7. joegee commented on Non Sequitur about 16 hours ago

    How special you are. I guess that when you grow up watching the radio nothing else can compare.

    …just kidding. I’m a fan of science fiction too. But I also appreciate fantasy. …and a lot of the “drivel” from Star Trek and it’s ilk are rapidly becoming science fact. Look up 3d printing if you have doubts.

  8. joegee commented on Non Sequitur about 16 hours ago

    It ended badly. Kirk, in the end, had to let them chase each other back to the planet surface. I don’t think that the outcome was shown.

  9. joegee commented on Pearls Before Swine about 16 hours ago

    Being from Pittsburgh I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for Cleveland. It would be great if they could get pro football and baseball teams there. (Gotta give them the Cavs though)

  10. joegee commented on Pooch Cafe 3 days ago

    They banish Poncho to the back yard and chain him to “The Tree of Shame”. LOL