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  1. joegee commented on Scary Gary 4 days ago

    It’s a shotgun. You don’t need to fire it. Just the sound of a round being jacked into the chamber will be enough to make lab rat leave a mess on the jar.

  2. joegee commented on Pooch Cafe 4 days ago

    ewwwww….you’re right. Why does Poncho have them at his house?

    Now I have to go wash my brain out with soap to try and rid myself of that picture.

  3. joegee commented on Get Fuzzy 4 days ago

    I almost choked on my coffee at panel two. The punchline (6) is good too but I feel that I got a day’s worth of humor right at the beginning.

  4. joegee commented on Andy Capp 11 days ago

    Nice clips. I have this on dvd and never watched it. (I know the premise). I suppose I need to see it now. We have a long weekend due to Rev. MLK Day so I have extra time. Nice sloth post too. Who knew that they could be so cute?

  5. joegee commented on Scary Gary 11 days ago

    He has to. That’s what henchmen do. I always wonder why he doesn’t exert his power more often. As Sisyphos said; “First time in just about forever that I’ve seen Gary exercise any control over his henchman!”

  6. joegee commented on Andy Capp 12 days ago

    You’re on a roll today! :) When I was a kid Oz was on once a year, in the Spring. The first time I saw it on a color TV I was about 12. I almost had a heart attack when Dorothy landed in Oz and it turned from B&W to color!

  7. joegee commented on Bob the Squirrel 12 days ago

    I think I get it. Sadly, I guess that makes me extra chunky.

  8. joegee commented on Scary Gary 17 days ago

    Oh no! I’ve been waiting for months for B to come back. At least, if she’s really gone, Mark let her say goodbye.

  9. joegee commented on The Other Coast 17 days ago

    Yeah. I think he’s kinda screwed.

  10. joegee commented on The Other Coast 17 days ago

    Why do you feel the need to stalk and flag him-her across all of these strips to point out the error. We all understand the message and that it is sent in order to try to bring people together and reject narrow minded people and beliefs. (Sound familiar? Sound like yourself?)