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  1. joegee commented on The Other Coast about 1 hour ago

    Comics=Pretend worlds. Not reality. Get a grip.

    And people leave their dogs on the sidewalk all of the time in Pittsburgh. People pet them. Nobody kills, steals or molests them as their owners get their coffee, shop, whatever.

    And yes. I often carry dog treats and, with the owners permission, feed them.

  2. joegee commented on Scary Gary about 1 hour ago

    It’s expensive to hire those big stars. ;)

  3. joegee commented on Doonesbury about 1 hour ago

    +1 It drives me crazy when people act like this is a depiction of reality.

    On the strip “The Other Coast” today a woman went into a store and tied her dog to a meter. People were posting insane crap about "it’s sooooo cruel, somebody could steal or… GASP! feed the dog a treat.

    Some folks need to go to the Goodwill store and buy a life.

  4. joegee commented on Andy Capp about 2 hours ago

    About 30 years ago my wife’s beautiful 16 y.o. neice came to me and asked my opinion of her getting a rose tattoo on her breast.

    I told her that her grandkids would be asking her why she had a picture of a drooping weed on her boob.

    She did it of course…..and I was right about the grandkids.

  5. joegee commented on Andy Capp about 2 hours ago

    What is it supposed to be? Warm stuff? A Halloween costume? I are confused.

  6. joegee commented on Non Sequitur about 4 hours ago

    LOL. Yeah. Here in Pittsburgh we call it the road out of Cleveland.

  7. joegee commented on Get Fuzzy about 4 hours ago

    It looks like the first person that ate it didn’t like it either.

  8. joegee commented on The Other Coast about 4 hours ago

    Where are the people that understand that this is a comic and that comics aren’t reality?

  9. joegee commented on Dinosaur Comics 6 days ago

    It’s a comic. Get over it.

  10. joegee commented on The Other Coast 6 days ago

    …and yeah; I just celebrated my 57th anniversary on the planet.